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Inflation Gently Rises in February, Offering Analysts a Sign the Economy Isn’t Collapsing

By Mike Caggeso Associate Editor Money Morning The consumer price index (CPI) moved 0.4% in February, a little higher than expected and a sign that consumers are dipping their feet back into the water – slowly. More importantly, while the data isn't a gigantic leap forward, it's at least not another deathblow to the economy. […]

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Inflation – Not a Speculative Bubble – is the Force Behind Soaring Gold Prices

By Peter D. Schiff Guest Columnist Holding onto its "all-is-well" bias like a terrified cowboy on an enraged bull, Wall Street has managed to convince itself – and much of the world – that inflation is a non-issue.  When confronted with facts to the contrary, Wall Streeters' rationalizations come thick and fast. And nowhere is […]

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