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Bank 200% Gains from My Recent Dinner Conversation

From the Editor: The gains potential here isn't quite as dramatic as the 1,000,000% growth story Michael's covering at Strategic Tech Investor. But a 200% potential gain is still very attractive. Here's Michael...

For the past 20 years, I've had regular conversations with one of the nation's top chemistry experts.
His name is Dr. Robert Fisher and he is a retired chemist who was also a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley for nearly 40 years.
The fact that he's also my father-in-law shouldn't dissuade you from hearing about the hellacious profit opportunity he clued me in on over dinner the other night.
It centers around an industry that I myself have been following since the late 1980s when I began writing about the Reagan-era defense buildup.
Gone, of course, from that time is the Soviet Union and the threat of a nuclear holocaust.
But what remains are a whole slew of miracle materials that scientists were experimenting with to help give the U.S. military a secret edge.
Today, these miracle materials touch nearly every aspect of our economy, from smartphones, to electric cars, computers, semiconductors, consumer electronics, and satellite communications.
In fact, they've now become so critical to the global economy, they're ready to unleash a $1 trillion windfall.