Iran nuclear deal

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Iran and Russia Plan to Isolate America with the U.S. Dollar - and They'll Succeed

Iran and Russia

On Nov. 1, Iran and Russia agreed to collaborate on six separate "strategic" energy deals worth some $30 billion.

They also discussed another idea - one that is dangerous for the U.S. economy in particular...

"Ditching the dollar" as the global oil trade standard.

Here's what that means - and how these two countries could hurt American investors with our own currency...

Why There's Resistance to the Iran Nuclear Deal

iran nuclear deal

Years ago, when I was doing monthly analysis on Iran's oil and gas industry, one of the biggest quandaries was trying to make market sense out of what came from the leadership in Tehran.

Well, the recent signals coming from Iran's leaders in the wake of the nuclear deal takes me back to those days...

Back then, it was not unusual for Iran's religious and political heads to shoot themselves in the foot economically every time they opened their mouths on policy matters. And Iran remains one of the most convoluted webs of power relationships and brokerages anywhere.

Here's why...

Iran Nuclear Deal Timeline: What Happens Next

An Iran nuclear deal, 20 months of negotiations in the making, was finally reached July 14.

Under the agreement, Iran would gain relief from harsh Western economic sanctions in exchange for limits on its nuclear activities, which would be allowed to continue for peaceful purposes.

We say "would" and not "will" with good reason -- several hurdles remain that could prevent the Iran nuclear deal from ever going into effect.

Here's a step-by-step look at what's ahead...