marijuana stocks

Marijuana Stocks to Buy

With the increasing number of states that have embraced medical and recreational marijuana sales, it’s easy to assume that investing in cannabis stocks may be the next best step for your portfolio.  

Consider Marijuana Stocks to Invest In 

The potential for gains with the cannabis industry is vast, especially as more U.S. states move toward the legalization of medical marijuana. These legislative changes may allow for the eventual legalization of recreational marijuana in more than the current 15 states. Until then, it’s still an impressive $17 billion industry that’s headed mainstream.  

Enter: Marijuana penny stocks. In its early stage, you’ll find a plethora of stocks that can be purchased at $1 per share. With plenty of risks associated with penny stocks, the cannabis industry is no exception when it comes to manipulation and fraud. However, consider the basis for the industry and the strong business fundamentals that back it, and you’ll find that this industry does have good stocks to invest in.

There are different types of cannabis stocks to explore. First, you have the growers. These will be the cultivators and distributors of the crop. Then, there are the pharmaceutical companies that make cannabinoid drugs, which are booming with products infused with cannabidiol (CBD). Lastly, the suppliers to those who grow the marijuana- ancillary products like hydroponic systems that support the growth and production of cannabis. When you consider purchasing penny stocks in the cannabis industry, you have many different businesses and business models from which to choose and evaluate.  

The Future of Marijuana Stocks 

In addition to the inherent risks of unregulated penny stocks, marijuana penny stocks also carry an additional risk for investors because of its dependence upon the surrounding political climates. Because it is still illegal on the federal level, states are responsible for how they conduct and implement their own laws surrounding marijuana as a whole. While states are continuing to move toward acceptance of the plant in different capacities, there’s still difficulty for people in the industry to raise capital for their businesses or even have bank accounts.  

What does this mean for the investors? Cannabis stocks and marijuana penny stocks hold their appeal on the brink of a boom in the industry, and now is a great time to get involved and add a few of these stocks to their portfolio. 

In addition to the general research that comes with mitigating risks for cannabis stocks, an investor will want to determine what kind of business in the marijuana industry in which they invest. Investing in growers may require looking at their cash flow stance and closely researching their management teams and growth strategy. Looking into companies providing ancillary products may be safer because they aren’t solely reliant upon the income from cannabis sales. Considering cannabis stock investments over the long-term will be more beneficial than looking for a quick turnaround. 

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