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With Internet Traffic Set to Zoom, Here's the Stock You Need to Buy Now

Back on May 9, Internet bellwether Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) warned investors of a weaker-than-expected outlook for the current quarter - thanks to what CEO John Chambers described as a "cautious" spending environment for networking gear.

Cisco's shares were trashed - as were many other tech-sector stocks.

So I was more than a little surprised when Cisco later announced that a new company study says that Web traffic will quadruple in the next four years.

That's one hell of an about-face. But if it's true, it also represents one hell of a profit opportunity.

To sort this out - and get the real story for you - I went directly to our new tech-sector expert: Radical Technology Profits Editor Michael A. Robinson.

The bottom line is that Michael says Cisco's traffic estimate is accurate in terms of its magnitude. He's a bit less sanguine about its target date, however.

"You know Bill, there's an old investing adage that says to never have a date and a number in the same statement," Michael quipped. "Like so many futurists, Cisco is guilty of making an all-too-definitive statement. I have no doubt that the company is correct in the broadest sense in terms of the traffic increase it sees. We'll see about the timing."

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