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It’s Not Just Earnings I’m Watching This Week

Postcards from the florida republic: An independent and profitable state of mind. We’re in an interesting period for short squeeze stocks. Iffy stocks like Carvana (CVNA), Beyond Meat (BYND), and Wayfair (W) keep screaming higher. That’s what happens when momentum remains positive for weeks. In the post-WallStreetBets world, these names could well keep screaming until […]

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Friday’s Hot Stocks to Watch: GE, MS, HON, and More

stocks to watch

The Q3 earnings parade on Wall Street continues Friday. This week brought a barrage of earnings. The financial industry was heavily represented, along with a number of key bellwethers in several sectors.

Today's hot stocks to watch include a couple of major global infrastructure companies, a key investment bank, a freight rail transporter, and more.

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Boost from iPhone 6 Will Push Apple Stock to Record High

Apple stock Price

The iPhone 6, the next major upgrade to Apple's flagship product, isn't due out until September. But we've gleaned enough leaked information to project that it will bring in enough revenue and profit to get Apple stock back to its all-time high - $100.72 - and beyond.

Two larger screen sizes and a full slate of new features will have customers lining up for the iPhone 6 from New York to Beijing.

The only question is how high AAPL stock will ultimately go...

What Elon Musk's New, Bold Patent Move Means for Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA) Stock

Elon Musk is viewed as one of the boldest and most innovative CEOs in the world. That's part of the reason why Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) stock has seen a meteoric rise of 515% since the start of 2013.

And Musk made a bold move today when he opened up all of Tesla's electric vehicle patents.

Musk is giving his competitors a leg up in hopes of jumpstarting the electric vehicle market.

And that could have a big impact on TSLA stock...

The GoDaddy IPO Comes with Some Troubling Numbers

The clock is officially ticking on the GoDaddy IPO after the Internet company filed the prospectus for an initial public offering yesterday (Monday).

While the company did not provide any specifics of the IPO date or IPO price, the filing did say that GoDaddy plans to raise up to $100 million in the IPO.

But what investors really need to be watching are these troubling numbers...

Bitcoin Funds You Can Buy Now

When you know where to look, it is possible to find a Bitcoin fund to buy now - if you're willing to venture into unconventional territory.

Safer alternatives - such as the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF (the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust) and SecondMarket's Bitcoin fund, the Bitcoin Investment Trust - are in the pipeline, but are still awaiting regulatory approval.

Just know this - these funds are not for investors with a weak stomach…

Profit Like a Real Estate Mogul (Without Buying Property)

Real Estate Mogul

With a 37% gain in The Blackstone Group LP (NYSE: BX) since late July, we've done really well with our targeted investment in real estate.

And with very quick gains of 9% in BRF SA (NYSE ADR: BRFS), 5.2% in South American agricultural play Adecoagro SA (NYSE: AGRO) and 1.6% in high-tech agribusiness player Neogen Corp. (Nasdaq: NEOG), we're doing well with our plays on (pockets of) accelerating U.S. inflation.

Today we're going to combine the two concepts and employ a very simple formula we believe will add to your profits.

The formula: Inflation + Real Estate = Cash in Your Pocket.

And we're going to recommend two stocks we expect will benefit from what we're seeing...