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GoPro IPO Price Could Be a Steal for Investors

IPO price

Action-camera company GoPro Inc. (Nasdaq: GPRO) released more information about its upcoming IPO on Wednesday, stating the company plans to raise up to $427.2 million in the deal. That would give GoPro a valuation of approximately $3 billion.

In today's regulatory filing, the company said that an IPO price range of $21 to $24 per share has been set.

But given some of the figures backing the GoPro IPO, that price might be a steal...

The GoDaddy IPO Comes with Some Troubling Numbers

The clock is officially ticking on the GoDaddy IPO after the Internet company filed the prospectus for an initial public offering yesterday (Monday).

While the company did not provide any specifics of the IPO date or IPO price, the filing did say that GoDaddy plans to raise up to $100 million in the IPO.

But what investors really need to be watching are these troubling numbers...

IPO Calendar 2014: 8 Companies Going Public This Week

Following June's slow start, the IPO calendar is once again loaded this week with eight upcoming IPOs.

This year has been the busiest for IPOs since the "Dot-Com" era of 1999 through 2001, with 117 companies already debuting year to date.

And for investors, that's meant an abundance of investment opportunities as the average IPO has returned a 13.2% gain so far in 2014, according to Renaissance Capital.

For investors looking to profit from the IPO market this week, here are the eight companies going public.

2014 IPO Market: What to Watch and How to Profit Now

2014 IPO market

Through today, 111 initial public offerings have taken place in the United States this year, making 2014 the busiest year for the IPO market since the "Dot-Com" era of 1999 through 2001.

While the size of the 2014 IPO market is huge, the deals are just getting started.

There are still some big profit opportunities awaiting 2014’s initial public offering investors, including what may be one of the biggest IPOs of all time. Here are some of 2014’s biggest upcoming IPOs…

Chinese E-Retailer JD.Com Leads This Week's IPO Calendar

IPO market

This week's IPO calendar is headlined by the $1.6 billion initial public offering (IPO) of Chinese e-commerce company, which will be making its public debut on Thursday, May 22. is China's second largest e-retailer, and has been in the news lately because it is the biggest competitor to Alibaba Group Holding.

But it isn’t the only profit opportunity for investors looking to play the IPO market this week. Here’s the full list of upcoming IPOs this week…

Uber IPO: Issues Facing the $10 Billion Driver-On-Demand App

According to a Bloomberg report yesterday (Thursday), Uber is in talks to begin a new round of fundraising that would value the on-demand taxi booking company at more than $10 billion.

The $10 billion valuation would be a dramatic increase from $3.5 billion it was valued at last summer.

An Uber deal probably won’t make the 2014 IPO calendar, and Uber stock would undoubtedly be a hot commodity and one of larger recent tech IPOs when it hits the market. But there are still a number of issues facing the company…

This Chart Shows How Huge the Alibaba IPO Will Be


The Alibaba IPO was officially filed earlier this month, and analysts estimate that the deal could be the largest initial public offering in U.S. history.

Bloomberg has estimated that the Hong-Kong based e-commerce firm could be valued as high as $168 billion, and will be selling a 12% stake in the company through the IPO. That means the company would raise $20.16 billion through its IPO.

Here’s how the Alibaba IPO stacks up against the biggest IPOs ever…

Alibaba IPO Is "As Big As It Gets"


The Alibaba IPO is expected sometime in late 2014 and analysts are projecting that the deal will be the largest initial public offering since Facebook Inc.'s (Nasdaq: FB) $16 billion IPO in 2012.

Some experts think it could surpass Facebook's IPO, which would make it the largest Internet IPO of all time.

Money Morning's Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald joined FOX Business' "Varney & Co." today (Monday) and discussed why the factors that are driving the Alibaba IPO price higher.

Check it out here:

Read More…

Chinese E-Commerce Company Headlines This Week's IPO Calendar

IPO Calendar 2014

According to Renaissance Capital, 104 IPOs have already been priced in the U.S. in 2014, and this is another busy week on the IPO calendar as eight companies make their initial public offering.

The biggest IPO this week is from the Chinese e-commerce company Jumei, which is looking to raise $195 million. But that's not the only opportunity for investors looking to play the IPO market this week.

Take a look at this week's upcoming IPOs and the details of each deal...

Alibaba IPO Filing: Here’s What We Know

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The Alibaba IPO has officially been filed as the company released the prospectus yesterday (Tuesday) for what is expected to be one of the largest U.S. IPOs of all time.

While the prospectus is more than 300 pages long, it still leaves many questions unanswered, including the Alibaba IPO price. The company is expected to release further information and addendums to the prospectus as the Alibaba IPO date approaches.

Here’s what we know now, and what we’re still waiting to learn…

IPO Calendar: 9 New Stocks to Hit the Market This Week

IPO Calendar

It's another loaded week on the IPO calendar as nine companies make their public debuts.

So far this year, 97 companies have held initial public offerings and a total of 142 companies have filed for an IPO. That makes 2014 the busiest year for IPOs since the "Dot-Com" era of 1999 through 2001.

Here’s this week’s full list of upcoming IPOs and the financial details behind them…

An Expert's Look into the 2014 IPO Market

IPO Market

The 2014 IPO market has been busier than any year since the "Dot-Com" era of 1999 to 2001, with 94 companies holding an initial public offering through the month of April.

For those unfamiliar with the inner workings of Wall Street firms, the IPO market and the IPO process can be complicated. Terms like "lock-up periods" and "offer prices" get tossed around frequently without any explanation.

Fortunately, Money Morning's Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani is an industry veteran and former hedge-fund manager who's had a unique look inside the IPO process and IPO investing. Here's his explanation of what investors need to know today.

Ares Management (NYSE: ARES) Tops This Week's IPO Calendar

IPO Calendar

According to Renaissance Capital, 94 companies have made their public debut so far in 2014, so this week's four initial public offerings constitute a slower week on the 2014 IPO calendar.

While the healthcare sector has two IPOs, the biggest deal of the week takes place on Friday when the asset-management firm Ares Management LP (NYSE: ARES) begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Here are this week's four initial public offerings and all the details investors should know ahead of their debuts...

The Two Prime Contenders For Upcoming Social Media IPOs

With Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) stock now surging after its 2012 initial public offering disaster (investors have enjoyed a 140% return over the past nine months), excitement over upcoming social media IPOs is higher now more than ever.

Of all the potential upcoming social media IPOs this year, two stand out - both are well-established and stable companies with overwhelming public popularity.

Here's a look at these two companies that may debut this year...