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Nasdaq: MSFT

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Two Big Reasons MSFT Stock Is a Buy After Earnings

msft stock

MSFT stock was edging up Thursday in anticipation of good news when the company reports earnings after the market close.

But unless Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has a really nasty surprise in store, it's a buy even if it doesn't post a strong beat. That's because Microsoft has worked hard on its transition away from its legacy PC business to capitalize on two major areas of growth.

Here's what those areas are - and why they'll enrich both Microsoft and those who own MSFT stock...

A Microsoft Stock History Timeline

MSFT stock history

The Microsoft stock history tells a tale not just of peaks and valleys, but an uncanny knack to exploit opportunities.

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) is one of the U.S. tech industry's foundational companies. As the provider of the market-dominating Windows operating system and the Office productivity suite, Microsoft became synonymous with the PC revolution.

But for a few key events, Microsoft's history would have turned out very differently.

Here's the full MSFT stock history timeline...

Microsoft Stock Forecast 2016: The Cloud Starts Paying Off

microsoft stock

The Microsoft stock forecast for 2016 is for hefty gains as Wall Street begins to recognize how much potential the company's cloud business has.

Not that 2015 was a bad year for Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT). The Microsoft stock price gained 18.65% last year. But Microsoft's strong showing over the past two years doesn't mean Microsoft stock is played out.

Here's why 2016 will prove that the Microsoft turnaround is just getting started...

Who Is Sheldon Adelson? He's the Man Who Could Decide Our Next President

who is sheldon adelson

Who is Sheldon Adelson? Today, all eyes are on the Republican Jewish Coalition's mega-donor who once dropped $5 million on a Newt Gingrich super PAC.

You see, Adelson's sway goes a long, long way.

Here's what you need to know about the octogenarian billionaire and why his support (and not just his money) are so important to the GOP candidates' success...

Microsoft Stock Price Poised for 14% Lift from Cloud (Nasdaq: MSFT)

microsoft chart

The Microsoft stock price has been riding on a cloud lately.

Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq: MSFT) rapidly growing cloud businesses were the main reason the MSFT stock price rose nearly 13% in the two days following a strong Q1 earnings report last month.

But despite those successes, Microsoft is not standing still with its cloud businesses - a great sign for Microsoft stock.

Here's what Microsoft did just today to grow its cloud businesses even faster...

Microsoft Earnings for Q1 2016 (Nasdaq: MSFT)

Microsoft Earnings

The 2016 Q1 Microsoft earnings, due out after the market close today, are likely to build on the momentum from the last quarter.

But the Q1 Microsoft earnings will contain only a glimmer of the catalysts destined to drive Microsoft stock higher over the next two years.

You see, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has a new strategy.

Here's how this strategy will generate billions of dollars in future MSFT earnings...

Microsoft Stock to Thrive on This "Borrowed" Strategy (Nasdaq: MSFT)

Microsoft stock

The chart for Microsoft stock over the past two years suggests the stock's solid run in 2014 peaked in early 2015.

In 2015, MSFT stock is up less than 3% and has zig-zagged a lot along the way. But don't be fooled. The Microsoft rebound is far from over.

That's because the Redmond, Wash.-based tech giant has adopted a new, promising strategy.

Here's how this new strategy will generate billions of dollars in value for Microsoft investors...

Microsoft Event More About Windows 10 Than Devices (MSFT)


Today's (Tuesday) Microsoft event was a showcase for a lot of slick new devices, including new Lumia phones, new Surface tablets, and the company's first-ever laptop.

The snazzy hardware is part of Microsoft Corp.'s (Nasdaq: MSFT) goal of rejuvenating the company with an ecosystem that can compete with Apple and Google.

Here's what we learned today about Microsoft's new hardware, and how it fits into that larger strategy...

Why Microsoft Stock Will Get a Spark from Windows 10 (MSFT)

microsoft stock

Wall Street celebrated the official launch of Windows 10 today (Wednesday) by adding 2.25% to Microsoft stock.

Think of that as a first installment on the benefit that Windows 10 will deliver to Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock over the next few years.

And yes, even though Windows 10 is a free upgrade, it has great potential to lift MSFT stock.

Here's how Microsoft will monetize Windows 10...

How Wall Street Put Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) Stock in "Animal House"

tech sector

This is really gonna surprise you, but Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock and the old comedy "Animal House" have some astounding similarities.

Remember how the Deltas were in so much hot water that Dean Wormer had to put them on "double secret probation"?

Well, that's happening to Apple stock right this very moment...

Microsoft Stock Still a Buy After MSFT Q4 Earnings Loss

Microsoft stock

Microsoft stock is suffering from a bad reaction to a Q4 earnings report that, at first blush, looks really awful.

MSFT stock plunged more than 4.5% in after-hours trading Tuesday, thanks to a one-time write-off of the purchase of Nokia's devices unit.

But the reality isn't nearly so bad. Backing out the Nokia charge, Microsoft's EPS was $0.62 - higher than analyst expectations for $0.58.

Here's why Microsoft stock is still a buy...

Expect a Microsoft Dividend Hike in September (Nasdaq: MSFT)

Tech investing

The Microsoft dividend will rise again in September if the company follows a well-established pattern.

For the past nine years, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has announced a dividend hike in September to be applied to the next quarter's payout. Over the past 10 years, the MSFT dividend has soared by 287.5%.

The only question now is how big this year's Microsoft dividend hike will be...

10 Highest-Paid CEOs in the Nation

Corporate America

The highest-paid CEOs in America's 350 largest firms earned, on average, a whopping $16.3 million last year. This amount topped the 2013 average by $1.3 million.

Rising CEO compensation hasn't snuck past investors though - instead, it's become a rather controversial topic. Do these boss hogs really deserve such colossal salaries?

Here's a look at the highest-paid CEOs in America and how they compare to their companies' performance...

Should I Buy Microsoft Stock?

buy Microsoft stock

Whether to buy Microsoft stock is a question investors started to ponder last year as the iconic tech company shed its decade-long status as a perennial laggard.

As Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock soared nearly 40% from November 2013 to November 2014, investors were eager to jump on board.

But since then, investors have had reason to wonder if it's still a good idea to buy MSFT stock.

This question actually has a pretty easy answer...

Should I Buy IBM Stock Now?

ibm stock

It's been a wild ride for International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM) stock this year.

Wall Street simply doesn't know what to do with this enterprise solutions giant.

But should you buy it now while it's down? Here's what to consider...