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Nuclear Power

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How your Grandchildren can Reap Profits with These Nuclear Stocks

Three Mile Island. Chernobyl. Sellafield. Fukushima.

These are just the most famous names from an alarmingly long list of civilian nuclear incidents. Each of these accidents resulted sparked intense public debate on the future of civilian nuclear power.

Is it really safe? What do we do with the waste? It'll be toxic for tens of thousands of years? How bad will the next accident be? What kind of trade-off are we making? These are just some of the questions mooted in the wake of these and other nuclear accidents.

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Unloved Uranium is About to Get Much More Attractive

If you want to know where the uranium market is headed, keep an eye on these countries... Read more...

Why Uranium Prices Are at a Critical Tipping Point

Thanks to considerably higher energy costs, the demand for nuclear power continues to rise.
This year alone, 65 nuclear power plants are under construction, another 160 new reactors are currently in the planning stages, and 340 more have been proposed. Even Japan is now shifting its stance on nuclear power. According to Japan Today, newly elected Prime Minister Shinzo Abe now says he is willing to build new nuclear reactors.
The demand for uranium is clearly going to be getting stronger, which presents a problem. There is already a uranium supply deficit of 40 million pounds a year.
But supply and demand are only part of the uranium story...

The Problem with Renewable Energy is the Price

I haven't written about renewable energy in recent months for a very specific reason.

The market for sources such as solar, wind, and biofuel has collapsed.

There are two reasons. Both involve price.

First, while crude oil is beginning to move upward, and natural gas prices have increased by about 57% over the past three months, both had fallen to unusually low levels.

That means the primary ally of alternative sourcing - the acceleration in the price of hydrocarbons - has been absent.

Of course, there are environmental, lifestyle, and social considerations that would benefit from renewable energy. Taken by themselves, however, these do not have more than a marginal impact on the energy balance.

Price remains the main ingredient.

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The Death of Nuclear Power: The Five Global Energy Moves to Make Now

Nuclear power was gaining a lot of momentum prior to the terrible disaster at Japan's Fukushima powerplant in March.

But since then, atomic energy has come under increased scrutiny and once again drawn the ire of environmentalists who were just warming up to its carbon-free emissions.

The German government's decision to close all of its existing nuclear reactors by 2022 shows that this shift in sentiment is gaining traction. And it increases the likelihood that the nuclear-powerplant building boom that had seemed at hand will be set back.

Without a doubt, this new reality will lead to global energy shortages and much-higher energy costs.

But for us as investors, the real issue is this: Which sectors will step up to alleviate the shortfall resulting from the inevitable disappearance of nuclear power?

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Buy, Sell or Hold: Exelon Corp. (NYSE: EXC) Can Energize Your Portfolio with a High-Powered Dividend

With the yield on U.S. Treasury bonds sitting well below 3%, income investors have to get creative. Those seeking dividend-based cash flow must to be willing to look in less traditional places to find a safe yield.  And what could be less traditional than nuclear power?

After the Three Mile Island disaster of 1979, nuclear energy became the forgotten carbon-free source of electricity.  However, a small renaissance in nuclear power is happening as we speak, and Exelon Corp. (NYSE: EXC) gives us a great tool to capture the upside from this renaissance - with some solid income, to boot. 

Exelon is the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the United States, with 10 plants operating a total of 17 individual reactors.  It's the third-largest operator of nuclear plants in the world, and it has a massive barrier to entry around its niche market.

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New 'Energy Advantage' Advisory Service Uncovers Top Energy-Sector Profit Opportunities

Oil prices will reach a record $150 a barrel in the next 12 months, sending gasoline prices to $3.80 a gallon. Commercial nuclear power will continue its comeback, but as small, sealed "mini-reactors" that can produce energy for up to 60 years - instead of as the hulking power plants of years gone by.

New global-warming regulations will turn air-pollution credits into financial assets that can trade like stocks or bonds. And a little-known U.S. pipeline and East Coast shipping terminal will transform the formerly fragmented U.S. natural-gas market into a fast-moving global marketplace - with profit opportunities to match .

To help investors profit from these global opportunities, Dr. Kent Moors - a career-energy-sector insider who is an advisor to six of the world's Top 10 oil companies and a consultant to some of the world's largest oil-producing nations - has launched the Energy Advantage advisory service.

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The "New" Global Energy Sector: "The Profit Opportunity of Our Lifetime"

Oil prices will reach a record $150 a barrel, sending gasoline prices to $3.80 a gallon. Commercial nuclear power is making a comeback - but in "nuclear batteries," instead of in hulking power plants of the past. New global-warming regulations will turn air-pollution credits into financial assets that can trade like stocks or bonds. And China's zooming growth will turn the global energy sector upside down.

If this sounds like a view of the distant future - the global energy sector's own version of "Future Shock" - think again.

All of these "predictions" are becoming a reality, even as you read this. And while these transformative events will likely make the global energy sector more volatile and confusing than ever, they are also creating the largest wealth-creating opportunities that most investors will ever see, says Dr. Kent Moors, a career energy-sector consultant who works with governments and corporations throughout the world.

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FREE REPORT: The "Mini Energy" Revolution

How to Profit from the Rapidly Emerging Market for Nuclear Batteries Mini nuclear reactors have been in service for decades in the military, especially on naval vessels. And now their commercial application is officially here. Several smart companies are introducing these "nuclear batteries" to the energy market. They're designed to deliver power to smaller communities […]

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Obama Looks to Restart U.S. Nuclear Industry With $8 Billion Federal Loan Guarantee

U.S. President Barack Obama gave the long-suffering U.S. nuclear industry a solid boost this week when he announced $8 billion in government loan guarantees in support of a new nuclear power plant in Georgia.

The move is intended to reduce usage of fossil fuels and meet America's future energy needs. It could also provide new profit opportunities for energy-sector investors.

"I know it has long been assumed that those who champion the environment are opposed to nuclear power," President Obama said in remarks made during a speaking engagement in Lanham, Md. "But the fact is, even though we have not broken ground on a new nuclear power plant in 30 years, nuclear energy remains our largest source of fuel that produces no carbon emissions."

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