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Where the Shake Shack Stock Price Is Headed in 2016

Shake Shack stock price

The Shack Shake stock price is up 2.4% today as the Dow and Nasdaq are both up as a whole.

But the SHAK stock price is down 16.76% on the year because Wall Street created an inflated price for early investors through hype.

Some investors may view the falling SHAK stock price as a buying opportunity, but here's what Money Morning readers need to know about the Shack Shake stock price entering 2016...

Shake Shack Stock's Unsustainable Numbers (NYSE: SHAK)


Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton appeared on CNBC yesterday afternoon, discussing Shake Shack Inc.'s (NYSE: SHAK) strong earnings numbers.

Barton offered some much-needed perspective on the burger chain's success, detailing how the company's underlying fundamentals stack up against competitors like Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (NYSE: CMG).

Watch the video now...

Three Iconic Stocks to Short


Today we've got three iconic stocks to short that aren't identifiable to everyone. Because there's only one reliable metric investors can use to recognize these seemingly pristine companies.

And our timing couldn't be better, since corporate profit growth is about to go negative and fears of another recession mount.

Here are the lucrative picks to profit from and why most investors are missing them...

Which Player to Back in the Fast Food Wars

Investors fought over the IPO shares of Shake Shack like kids fighting over a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Initially priced at $21.00 per share, Shake Shack stock ended its first day of trading up over 100% at $45.90, moved to just north of $52 per share, and even after an inevitable pull back is still ahead nearly 95%.

The very trends that are pumping up Shake Shack's shares have left those of McDonald's, the most iconic name in hamburgers and perhaps in the entire global restaurant business, becalmed.

But a third player might be the best bet of them all...