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BREAKING: Millions Impacted by This Week's Obamacare Ruling

obamacare ruling premium

The Obamacare ruling in the King v. Burwell Supreme Court case is expected this week. It's a decision could impact more than 7.5 million Americans.

Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald has called this decision the "nightmare" scenario for what it could do to citizens and the U.S. economy.

But you don't have to get caught off guard. In fact, you can profit from it

WARNING: The June Obamacare Ruling Will Impact Millions in These States

Obamacare ruling

By the end of June, more than 7.5 million Americans could see their Obamacare premiums skyrocket.

That's when the Supreme Court is expected to rule on King v. Burwell. It's an Obamacare ruling that asserts that Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) subsidies only apply to citizens who purchased their insurance over a state-run exchange.

King v. Burwell wants to invalidate those subsidies.

Here are the top 10 states that could see the most people impacted by this decision...

Get in on These Healthcare Stocks Now Before Key Obamacare Ruling in June

healthcare stocks

The U.S. Supreme Court will be ruling on a crucial Obamacare case in June. This is highlighting a profit opportunity: a quick and dirty play on healthcare stocks.

Today (Wednesday), the high court heard oral arguments in King v. Burwell. The ruling could deliver a deathblow to President Barack Obama's signature Affordable Care Act.

But it's also providing investors with a chance to play healthcare stocks for short-term gains...

Congress in 2015: What President Obama Can Expect from the GOP

Congress in 2015

The 114th Congress is now in session. U.S. President Barack Obama for the first time faces a Congress that has Republicans running both chambers.

What President Obama can expect from the GOP Congress in 2015 will matter to investors. Many issues on the agenda, such as corporate taxes, trade, and a higher minimum wage will impact stocks.
Given the gridlock of recent years, the easy assumption is that nothing will get done. But the two sides have more incentive to work together in 2015.

Here's look at what will be on Washington's plate this year...

The Obamacare Lies That Duped America

Obamacare lies

The Affordable Care Act was always too good to be true, but speaking the truth is bad medicine for controversial laws.

Now we know that the Obamacare lies of the past six years were calculated, intentional, and crafted to fool what the healthcare law's creators assumed to be an ignorant American public.

We know this because one of the ACA's central architects, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor, has said so in at least a half a dozen videos that recently surfaced on the Internet.

Were it not for these Obamacare lies, the ACA would have been strangled in its crib...

Obamacare Facts: Who to Blame and How to Profit as Healthcare Costs Soar

obamacare facts

Obamacare facts: As the fall enrollment period for healthcare coverage approaches, it's becoming clear that almost everyone is going to be paying more come January 2015.

Premiums are going up, co-pays are going up, and deductibles are going way up. The health insurance companies and most large employers say that the Affordable Care Act is to blame.

But the truth is far more complicated...

What the Hobby Lobby Ruling Means for Obamacare

A Supreme Court Obamacare ruling in the hotly contentious Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case was just issued this morning (Monday).

In a 5-4 ruling, the High Court decided that closely held, for-profit corporations can choose to opt out of the Obamacare provisions that require employers to provide no-cost contraceptive prescriptions to employees.

Here’s what the Hobby Lobby Obamacare decision means for U.S. healthcare – and your wallet…

Dow Jones Today: All Eyes on Obamacare Ruling

Dow Jones Today

Dow Jones today, June 30, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average was flat on Friday despite a rise in consumer sentiment. This week, look for a heavy slate of economic reports, including the June unemployment report, factory orders, and the ISM manufacturing composite index.

Here’s the news moving the Dow Jones today:

Obamacare: This One-Act Tragedy Is Nothing but a Bill of Goods

The future of Obamacare isn't bright.

That's because the Affordable Care Act is going to be anything but affordable. It's going to get more and more expensive, as if it's not already outrageously overpriced hype.

What is Obamacare, really? It's a make-richer scheme for insurance companies.

And while you can bet you'll see a premium increase this year, the real pain will begin in 2017 - and then get progressively worse.

This is an abomination...

These Stocks Will Prosper Regardless of Obamacare's Fate

Now that all the key deadlines for Obamacare have finally taken effect, a lot of tech investors are busy trying to figure out how this will affect their portfolios.

It's easy to see why. This is the largest and most fundamental change to hit the healthcare sector in decades.

Not only that, but Wall Street is currently trying to pick the winners from the losers - and frankly isn't doing a particularly good job of it.

Fact is, Obamacare is at least partly responsible for some of the biotech sector's recent sell-off... Full Story

Obamacare Premiums in 2015 to "Skyrocket"

The headaches from Obamacare's rocky rollout are not going to end any time soon - if ever. Yesterday healthcare industry officials let slip that premiums in many states will "skyrocket" in 2015. And when they say "skyrocket," they're talking about rates that

almost no one can afford...

Today's Stock Market News And Earnings Calendar

Stock market news, March 14, 2014: The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 231.19% on Thursday to close at 16,108.89. The Nasdaq slipped 1.46% to finish at 4,260.42. The S&P 500 dropped 1.17% to end the day at 1,846.35.

Here's the top news affecting the markets today...

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Obamacare Facts: Why the Unions Feel Betrayed

After working tirelessly to get Obamacare passed - and spending millions of dollars in the process - labor unions have become some of the healthcare law's most vocal critics. The unions have a long list of grievances, although some non-union members

may find it hard to sympathize...

The New Obamacare Delay Is Purely Political

Yesterday (Wednesday), the Obama administration announced a new Obamacare delay as a political move to protect vulnerable Democrats during midterm elections.

Insurers are now permitted to keep offering health insurance plans that don't meet the coverage requirements mandated by Obamacare. The extension will presently last for two years.

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Obamacare Facts: 65% of Small Businesses Face Disruptive Rate Hikes

Back in 2009, the Democrats said Obamacare would save small businesses money. But a new government report says that nearly two out of every three small businesses will be paying higher insurance premiums because of the healthcare law. That leaves many small business owners with

some very tough choices...