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oil stocks

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The Best Oil Stocks to Buy in 2017

oil stocks to buy in 2017

Oil prices have surged 51% since hitting a low in January 2016, and to help investors profit from that rise, we've made a list of the best oil stocks to buy in 2017.

Our top oil stocks to buy in 2017 include two oil stocks gaining 11% and 37% over the last year. And we've added a bonus energy stock with gains of 118% since last year.

Before we get to our specific picks, here's why 2017 is shaping up to be a profitable year for oil stocks...

3 Wolfcamp Shale Stocks to Watch Now

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Engineers have just made a massive discovery in the Wolfcamp shale in Texas. And that's why we're bringing readers three of the best Wolfcamp shale stocks to watch now.

The Wolfcamp shale could end up being the key to American energy independence, and the profit opportunity could be massive.

Here are the top Wolfcamp stocks...

How the Dakota Access Pipeline Fight Could Burn Oil Stocks

Dakota Access pipeline

The Obama administration's indefinite delay of the half-finished Dakota Access pipeline has far-reaching implications, all of which are negatives for U.S. oil stocks.

The delay is bound to have a chilling effect on future oil and natural gas pipelines. It means any similar project is at risk of rejection even after it has made it through the permitting process and construction has started.

And that's put these oil stocks in the crosshairs...

The 8 Biggest Oil Stocks to Avoid in 2016 Are the Ones Everyone Recommends

oil stocks

Oil stocks ripped higher in Q2 thanks to surging oil prices.

WTI oil had its best quarter since the financial crisis. These gains pushed Big Oil stocks like Exxon up 11%.

But we have a few reasons why you should avoid Big Oil stocks - plus one of the best energy investments you can buy today...

One of the Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now Boasts a 7.2% Yearly Dividend

crude oil stocks

Oil stocks have made a triumphant comeback recently, surging 24% in four months.

That's why we're going to show you one of the best oil stocks to buy this year.

It has an 11% upside potential and offers a sky-high yield of 7.2%...

The Two Best Oil Stocks to Buy in 2016 for Market-Beating Gains

oil prices

Oil stocks have been rallying lately thanks to the similar rally in oil prices.

These gains mean now is the best time to buy oil stocks as the sector keeps pushing higher.

Here are the two best oil stocks to buy in 2016...

One of the Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now as Prices Soar in 2016

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Oil stocks have rocketed more than 28% thanks to the rebound in oil prices.

That's why we're recommending one of the best oil stocks to buy this year as prices stabilize.

Not only does it have growth potential, but it also boasts a strong dividend...

The Best Crude Oil Stock to Profit in This $40 Price Climate

crude oil stock

It's difficult to find a good crude oil stock to invest in during this low oil price environment.

But that doesn't mean you should avoid the oil sector altogether.

Here's one stock that not only boasts upside potential, but also one of the strongest dividends in the energy sector...

One of the Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now

oil stocks to buy now

Finding profitable oil stocks to buy now can be difficult in this low price environment.

But identifying profitable oil stocks is just as important as identifying dangerous ones.

Here are the companies you should avoid this year, followed by one of our "best oil stocks to buy now" picks for 2016...

Why This Oil Stock Is Our Pick of the Week

Oil stock

The oil stock Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX) is the Money Morning Pick of the Week.

Phillips 66 stock has held up surprisingly well over the past year despite plummeting oil prices - it's actually up about 6.5%.

And while Wall Street is still down on oil stocks, one of the world's most successful investors has been loading up on it lately.

He's obviously sees value here. And when you look closely, there are plenty of reasons to like Phillips 66 stock...

Why Oil Prices and Stock Markets Have Been Dancing in Lockstep

oil prices

Common sense suggests that some signals would affect both oil prices and the stock markets.

But that's not what we've been seeing lately. The two have instead been moving in almost lockstep connection. When one moves, so does the other, no matter the reason.

It seems common sense isn't in charge of the markets any more. Here's why...

Don't Touch These Oil Stocks in 2016 – Buy These Instead


Oil stocks appear unattractive right now due to the continuing price decline and constant barrage of bearish news.

But you can still profit by avoiding one type of oil stock in favor of a more obscure type.

Here are the ones you should stay away from this year...

Oil Stocks to Avoid in 2016 – and One Type to Buy Now

oil stock

Investing in oil stocks is misconstrued as an easy way to lose money right now.

But you can still profit from the oil sector's volatility - if you know where to look.

Here are the oil stocks you should avoid - and the ones you should invest in this year...

The Best Oil Stock Investing Strategy for 2016

oil stock

Investors are hesitant to search for a profitable oil stock as prices remain near a 12-year low of $30.50 a barrel.

But there's one oil stock investing method that will yield big profits thanks to the long-term rebound in oil prices.

Here's how you can tap into this moneymaking strategy...

The One Oil Stock Investing Strategy to Follow in 2016

oil stock

Most investors are afraid to search for a profitable oil stock now that prices are hovering near $32.

But there's one oil stock investing method that can lead you to substantial profits while prices begin their long-term rebound.

Here's why every energy investor should follow it in 2016...