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How to Invest in Oil Stocks in 2016

how to invest in oil

The question of how to invest in oil this year has become increasingly difficult to answer as prices continue to spiral out of control.

But that doesn't mean you should run away from the energy sector just yet.

Here are the two most profitable methods for investing in oil stocks in 2016...

These Are the Best Oil Stocks to Buy When Prices Are Near $30

oil stocks

With oil prices currently at 12-year lows, it's tough to find good companies to invest in.

But the best oil stocks to buy right now come from one special subsector of the energy industry.

That's because this subsector is in the prime position to profit as oil prices bottom out and rebound in 2016...

The Best Oil Stocks to Buy in 2016

Thanks to the crash in oil prices this year, many investors think there are no best oil stocks to buy in 2016.

That gives us the perfect opportunity to buy cheap oil stocks before their inevitable rally.

The best way to profit is by targeting companies specializing in this type of drilling...

How the Royal Dutch Shell Stock Price Will Perform in 2016

The Royal Dutch Shell stock price is hovering at a five-year low of $43.72 this morning (Thursday) as the oil giant fights the federal government over drilling rights in the Arctic.

But there's one reason why the Royal Dutch Shell stock price will rebound in 2016...

The Best Oil Stocks to Buy for 2016

dow jones

Thanks to the crash in oil prices this year, some of the best oil stocks to buy currently trade at a discount.

That gives us the perfect opportunity to buy cheap oil stocks before their inevitable rally.

The best way to profit is by targeting companies specializing in this type of drilling...

BP Stock Price Today Up After $20 Billion Oil Spill Settlement (NYSE: BP)

bp stock

The BP stock price today jumped higher after the Department of Justice announced the firm will pay a settlement for the 2010 oil spill.

Shares of the oil giant have rallied 15.5% over the last week alone.

With all of this in mind, investors want to know if now is a good time to buy BP stock…

Three Types of Oil Stocks Every Investor Should Know About

oil drill

When it comes to oil stocks, most investors think of big names like Exxon Mobil, BP, or Chevron.

But what most traders don't understand is that oil stocks are categorized based on the company's operations.

Here are the three most commonly traded types of oil stocks...

Energy Transfer Merger Sends WMB Stock Price Lower

energy transfer merger

The WMB stock price cratered today following Williams Companies Inc.'s (NYSE: WMB) acquisition in the Energy Transfer merger.

This morning, pipeline giant Energy Transfer Equity LP (NYSE: ETE) announced it will buy Williams Cos. for $32.6 billion.

Here's everything you need to know about the landmark merger...

Why Pundits Are Wrong When They Tell You Energy Investing Is Dead

crude oil price

To hear some tell it, energy investments are a disastrous move, given the volatile global economy and low oil prices.

But they couldn't be more wrong. In fact, there's more than $1 trillion up for grabs in the energy investing sector. This might well be the best time to invest, even if prices go lower from here.

This is what you need to know before everybody else wakes up...

The Two Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now with Prices Near $42 a Barrel

Oil prices have fallen 56.4% in the last year - but there are still great oil stocks to buy now at a discount.

In fact, there are two in particular that are set to surge as M&A rocks the sector and prices rise over the long term.

Here's why these two picks are going to profit from chaos in the energy sector...

2015 Top Stock Picks: ALJ Up 12.8% Amid Sell-Off

2015 top stock picks

The Dow Jones Industrial Average this week fell 1.5%, and with this slight dip in the broader markets, our 2015 top stock picks also took a hit.

But one company had a great week. Alon USA Energy Inc. (NYSE: ALJ) stock was up 12.8% amid this broader market sell-off.

What's behind this surge in the ALJ stock price? Here's our look...

Oil's Tumble Means a Fast 30% Gain with This Trade

My wife and I were just at a children's birthday party. You know, the kind where everyone gets together to sing "Happy Birthday," and then the adults drift off into their own groups to chat.

Naturally, I fell in with a group of several wealth managers, and you'd better believe we started talking about the markets.

When the subject turned to oil shares, you could have heard a pin drop.

You see, some of those folks could be looking at a mighty lean year, depending on their oil exposure.

But as we know, there's an opportunity to make money as share prices fall. Today I want to show you how to book a quick and easy 30% gain on some very big, very liquid oil shares, even as the stock tumbles down.

It's the perfect energy play for markets like this...

Do Halliburton Q2 Earnings Make HAL Stock a Buy?


The Halliburton Q2 earnings report was released before markets opened this morning.

The second-largest oilfield services company in the world saw a 93% earnings loss as the oil price plunge continues to eat into the sector's profits.

Here's a breakdown of the report and what it means for HAL stock...

Where Is the Halliburton Stock Price Headed in 2015?

halliburton stock price

The Halliburton stock price has beaten the S&P 500 energy sector by nearly 15% this year.

Although it had poor Q1 earnings, Halliburton's numbers were nowhere near as bad as most Big Oil companies.

Here's where the Halliburton stock price has moved compared to other notable oil firms...

Make a Killing on the Coming Energy "Debt Bubble"

energy debt

Following some nice recent gains and despite a dip on Tuesday, the market currently remains at just below $60 a barrel for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures in New York.

The recent rise in prices would seem to be just what the smaller operators in the United States need to avoid a sector meltdown.

A few months back, when prices were pushing lows of $40 a barrel, there was widespread talk of a wave of bankruptcies coming in the oil patch. The picture is now better, given a recovery in crude prices.

But there is another shoe about to fall in the ongoing fight by smaller companies to survive...