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    Hedge fund managers who offer shares to the general public have lost investors billions. Och-Ziff Capital Management Group has lost over half of its value since its debut during the financial crisis. Fortress Investment Group has lost three quarters over the same time period. But there is one hedge fund that just might live up to the hype. I'm going to tell you about it here.

    Mind you, if you have $10,000 or more to invest, you can skip the whole hedge fund hoopla and invest in so called "liquidity products." These are hybrids between hedge funds and mutual funds - essentially, hedge funds that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Blackrock, Deutsche Asset Management, PIMCO and a host of others have been pumping these out in recent years.

    Or, if you're determined to get alternative asset exposure, you could invest in one of the private equity firms that went public around the time of the financial crisis. The Blackstone Group has treaded water, falling far behind the S&P and notching an 8%-plus gain since it went public. KKR & Co. has actually notched a 142% return since its IPO, beating the S&P handily.

    But the ranks of profitable hedge funds with public shares are very thin - until now...

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