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retail stocks

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More Retail Stores Have Closed This Year Than During the Entire 2008 Financial Collapse… and They Aren't Slowing Down

retail stores

Retail stores are closing and/or filing for bankruptcy at a record pace -- more than during the financial collapse of 2008.

What exactly is happening to American retailers - and more importantly, how will this affect your investments?

Let's take a look...

This Might Be the Last Black Friday for 3 American Companies

American companies

Black Friday brings in massive sales for American companies, but some are in serious trouble.

We've compiled a list of three failing American companies on deathwatch this holiday season...

Malls Are Trying One Last Thing to Rejuvenate Shoppers, and It's Totally Sad

mall closures

Did you know that a real estate research firm projects 15% of malls will close by 2025?

Well, Money Morning guru Keith Fitz-Gerald projects that number is closer to 50%.

And in a last-ditch effort to make shopping at the mall more appealing, mall owners are using a surprising strategy. Frankly, it's really hard to believe...

These 6 Retail Companies Are Toast (Get Out Now)

retail stocks

Aeropostale's bankruptcy and Macy's 15% post-earnings plummet are just the latest indications that retail stocks are in crisis.

As the sector bleeds out, these six companies will be the first to go. But there is a way to profit on their collapse...

GPS Stock Price Has More Problems Than Just the "Racist Gap Ad"

GPS stock

The GPS stock price today is providing marginal gains for shareholders.

But the company has struggled recently, reporting sales were down in March and having to pull a "racist Gap ad."

Now that GPS shares are trading at a cheaper price, is this the time to add a positon in the iconic apparel provider? Here's what you need to know...

Retail Stocks Are Dead – Here's What to Buy Instead

retail stocks

Millions of investors believe they need to invest in retail stocks because they're a mirror for the consumer-driven economy we live in. Thatusedto be true, but no more.

One sector has completely derailed the premise. This shift could be like backing Wal-Mart before it roared to 600% gains.

Here's what you need to know...

The Only Two Stocks You Need This Shopping Season

The stock market is diverging, split between the top-tier "Haves" and the struggling, shrinking "Have Nots."

This shift means big profits for investors looking at the companies I'm about to talk about.

But it also means classic retail stocks are facing nearly insurmountable headwinds this year. And it would be a (costly) mistake to expect much good news for them in the upcoming 2015 holiday shopping season.

How to Trade Macy's Stock Today (NYSE: M)

We talked yesterday about the collapse of Macy's Inc. (NYSE: M) and the three "death blows" to the retail industry behind it. But we didn't discuss how to trade it.

So far Macy's stock has lost 40% in four months. It's trading near a three-year low and a P/E ratio of below 10

What happens next? Is there any upside left, or is it going down and therefore a candidate to short or buy puts on?

Here's what I see.

Here's the Truth About Macy's Inc.'s Direction (NYSE: M)

For the last few years, the Wall Street has been a non-stop cheerleader for Macy's Inc. (NYSE: M), the iconic retailer.

But the music has stopped. Because behind the uncritical boot-licking of Wall Street analysts and television presenters and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, the traditional retail business was rotting away.

In the last four months, the stock has collapsed by more than 40% to $39.05. Unfortunately, a lot of investors really got hurt on this one - especially last week.

Here's the truth about Macy's direction.

Amazon Prime Day Deals: Everything You Need to Know About Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) debuted its first-ever "Prime Day" today. Discover the best Amazon Prime Day deals, learn how Prime Day will impact Amazon's stock price, and find out how the competition is responding.

Learn everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Day now.

The Most Pressing Reason Yet to Avoid Investing in Retail Stocks

retail stocks stock

President Obama just doomed millions of hardworking Americans to the unemployment line and, at the same time, just made it harder for every retailer - large and small - to turn a profit.

This is the last thing you want to see as an investor as well.

Here's the latest reason why you should now think twice about holding retail stocks...

Retail Stocks to Watch Now

Five big-name retailers will report earnings this week, and most need decisive wins to keep investors - the sector only rose a measly 2.6% last month.

Here's a look at five retail stocks to watch this week, and what to expect from their reports.

Stocks to Watch: The 10 Fastest-Growing U.S. Retailers

stocks to watch

Despite an overall slump in retail sales this year, some thriving stocks to watch have popped up - retailers that are growing sales, many in the double digits.

These retailers have done a better job of adapting to both the shift toward more online shopping as well as the aftermath of a recession that has left many Americans with less money to spend.

Here are the 10 retailers with the fastest-growing sales in 2013…

What Jos. A. Bank Acquisition Means for Men's Wearhouse (NYSE: MW) Stock

Men's Wearhouse and Jos. A. Bank have finally reached a deal -- Men's Wearhouse plans to buy Bank for $1.8 billion. So now we can finally start talking what the new, combined company will look like and

what the deal will mean for MW stock...

Why U.S. Retail Sales Dropped in January – and How You Can Profit

U.S. retail sales - which account for 70% of economic activity - unexpectedly fell 0.4% for the month of January according to the Commerce Department today (Thursday). The decline marks the second straight drop after a 0.1% fall in December.

Auto sales were the major contributor to the miss. Sales of motor vehicles and parts dropped 2.1%, while Americans also spent less on restaurants and clothing. The report also showed soft holiday sales for retailers at the end of last year.

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