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New "Profit Routes" Emerge in Oil – Reporting from Moscow

MOSCOW - Sergei Kudryashov likes pizza, poker and American jazz. He's also deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Energy (Minenergo) and former VP at NK Rosneft OAO (LSE: ROSN), the No. 1 state-controlled oil producer.

I've known Sergei for almost two decades now. We compare notes whenever I'm in Moscow. This time, I briefed his team on key developments in the international oil markets. And, as usual, I came away from the meetings with some incredibly valuable information - information the public simply can't get on its own.

So let me share what I've just learned. It's a tremendous opportunity to profit from Russian oil - without investing a dime in the country itself. Indeed, as you'll see in a minute, there are several ways to make money right here at home.

First, here's what's going on.

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Why Russia's Oil Fields Will Soon Be Crawling with Westerners

Western oil majors are about to help Moscow solve its energy problem. And that could be a boon for investors.

The traditional Russian oil fields in Western Siberia are well past peak production. Some satellite fields in the region remain, but the extraction gains will be marginal.

My sources in Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology (MNRE), the government entity responsible for distribution and oversight of development leases, now acknowledge that the country's overall crude oil production could decline by more than 7% over the next several years.

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From Russia With Love: China Looks North For Latest Resource Deal

A preliminary gas agreement between China and Russia is the latest indicator that the Red Dragon continues to diversify trade partners outside of the United States, and signals willingness between the neighboring countries to shelve any political differences for mutually beneficial deals. The deal between the Russia's Gazprom OAO (OTC ADR: OGZPY) and China National […]

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Is the United States on Sale?

When more than $14 billion in merger-and-acquisition deals were announced in a single day last week, U.S. stock prices zoomed as investors embraced a suddenly more-bullish outlook. As last Monday demonstrated, any increase in dealmaking activity tends to move markets higher: With the chance of windfall profits from a surprise buyout, investors tend to bid […]

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Investment News Briefs

With our investment news briefs, Money Morning provides investors with a quick overview of the most important investing news stories from all around the world. IMF Lowers Global Writedown Estimate; CIT Still Struggling; $1.6 Billion Hong Kong IPO for Wynn Macau; Wal-Mart, Kmart Gunning For Holiday Toy Sales; Toyota Announces Record Recall; BofA Exec Takes […]

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The "Golden Staircase" Points to Record Prices for Gold

As gold once again breaks the psychologically important barrier of $1,000 an ounce, all the pundits are wondering if it will last. I have to confess that – deep down – this makes me smile. The reason: I know that the real question to ask is "When will gold go on to set new highs?" […]

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Buy, Sell or Hold: The SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSE: GLD) Continues to Offer Investors a Hedge Against Inflation

The just-concluded Group 20 (G20) meeting left us with a chorus of very "prudent" governments and central bankers singing the praises of easy monetary and fiscal conditions. So where can we take refuge when all the central banks in the world print money and governments run deficits in order to spend like drunken sailors? The […]

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As Problems in India and Russia Escalate, Let's Drop the BRIC

By Martin HutchinsonContributing EditorMoney Morning When Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) coined the term “BRICs” in 2003 to cover Brazil, Russia, India and China. This group of four countries was supposed to represent the enormous potential of the emerging markets, and their populations would provide most of the world’s growth in the decades ahead. For […]

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Russia's Economic Demise Could Turn "BRIC" to "BIC"

By Mike Caggeso Associate Editor Money Morning Russia's continuing weakness could cost the country its membership in one of the most identifiable and esteemed investor acronyms – the BRIC nations. Back in 2001, the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) – eager to push its clients toward emerging markets investment – created the acronym "BRIC" to […]

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Declining Russian Oil Production Could Lead to $200 Oil and "Global Recession," Says Deutsche Bank

By Jennifer Yousfi Managing Editor Higher oil could lead to a worldwide economic collapse, according to a top analyst at Germany's largest bank. "Two-hundred dollar oil would break the back of the global economy," Adam Sieminski, chief energy economist at Deutsche Bank AG (DB), told Bloomberg News in an interview yesterday (Wednesday) in Tokyo. "Next […]

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Russia Turns to Libya to Tighten Grip on European Energy Supply

By Jason Simpkins Associate Editor Russia agreed yesterday (Thursday) to write off $4.5 billion in Libyan Cold War-era debt in exchange for military and civilian contracts for Russian companies, Reuters reported. The deal will almost certainly help Russia tighten its grip on European energy supplies. "I am satisfied by the way we have solved the […]

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BP Caving to Kremlin Pressure Over Joint Venture

By Jason Simpkins Associate Editor BP PLC (BP) has found itself under pressure from the Kremlin to cede control of its joint venture in Russia, TNK-BP Holding OAO, to a state-owned oil monopoly such as Rosneft NK OAO or Gazprom OAO – the latest attempt by the Russian government to expand its energy monopoly and […]

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Putin Wins Chavez Loses: A Net Win for Oil Investors

By Martin Hutchinson Contributing Editor Russian president Vladmir Putin's United Russia party won 64% of the vote in Sunday's elections, while Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez lost his constitutional referendum in by a slim 2% margin the same day. That's a split result for the wannabe dictators, but it looks like a net win for investors. […]

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The One Russian Emerging Market With the Most Profit Promise

By Martin Hutchinson Director of Global Investing Research Readers may well have missed the news that Ukraine is currently putting together a new coalition government led by reformist Julia Tymoshenko. “So what?” you may ask. “I can’t know everything. And besides, how do you ever expect me to make a buck out of Ukrainian politics, […]

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Gazprom Highlights Foreign Investment Risks, Threatens Europe – Again

By Jason Simpkins Staff Writer In a story that underscores the risks investors face with emerging-markets investments, OAO Gazprom, Russia's energy giant, is up to its old tricks and is once again threatening to cut gas supplies to the Ukraine, in an effort to extort payment, Bloomberg News reported. It's an issue that Money Morning […]

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