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The One "Buy" to Profit from Tech Sector Semiconductor Mergers

tech sector

The tech sector is bonding: Avago Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: AVGO) recently agreed to pay $37 billion for Broadcom Corp. (Nasdaq: BRCM).

Back in March, NXP Semiconductors NV (Nasdaq: NXPI) said it's making an $11.8 billion acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor Ltd. (NYSE: FSL).

With all the semiconductor mergers and acquisitions (M&As) happening, there's only one sure way to cash in on them all...

Xilinx Stock Primed to Gain from Semiconductor M&A (XLNX)

Xilinx stock

Snapping up a few shares of Xilinx stock looks like a pretty good idea right now.

That's because Xilinx Inc. (Nasdaq: XLNX) has moved to the top of the list of possible acquisition targets in the semiconductor industry.

Acquisitions mean higher stock prices.

And Xilinx stock could do very well considering that the company has something a lot of other chipmakers want.

These Tech Stocks Will Soar on the Auto Sales Boom

tech stocks

A few tech stocks are poised to earn big profits from the auto industry boom. Some analysts attribute this boom to an improving economy and falling gas prices.

But there's another important catalyst they're not considering - and it makes Silicon Valley the real capital of the auto sales boom.

Here's how we can profit from this trend...

Our Latest List of the Best Stocks to Buy Now Is Brimming with Tech Picks

best stocks to buy now

Best stocks to buy for the week ending Sept. 5, 2014:Last week for Money Morning Members, we highlighted seven stocks - five of which hail from the profit-rich tech sector.

You can find all of last week's tips and recommendations here in our newest list of the best stocks to buy now…

The Single Best Investment for the Semiconductor Boom

At first glance two of the major trends reshaping the semiconductor industry seem like polar opposites...

On the one hand, the industry is in the midst of a major boom. On the other, it's also contracting.

For tech investors these conflicting indicators raise two questions:

First, how is this contradiction possible?

Second, and more to the point, how can we make money from it?

After looking at the trends, I've come up with a plan for us to outperform the market over the long term with one easy investment...

Stocks to Buy Now: Play This Sector Before "The Crowd" Catches On

The Nasdaq experienced a sell-off in March and April, and has since rebounded. But not every tech sector has rebounded completely, and that's brought us some great stocks to buy.

According to Money Morning's experts, the semiconductor industry has never looked healthier, but it still faced the brunt of the recent sell-off. That's why they're recommending semiconductor stocks while they're trading at discounted prices.

But these stocks to buy won't be cheap for long. Get in on these profit plays before the crowds catch on...

Don't Miss This Sector in 2013

In one high-tech sector, the projections for 2013 are calling for across-the-board revenue growth of as much as 10% - and parts of it could advance at three times that pace.
Now, double-digit growth in a slow-growth economy is pretty great all by itself. But the fact that these stocks have actually been negatively correlated to the broader stock market means this is an investment that could also serve as a bit of a hedge against a drop in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index.
So if you are really concerned that U.S. stocks could sell off this year, this could be one investment that will provide actual growth - and act as a hedge against a market downturn.
I'm talking about semiconductors - the bedrock of modern electronics.
Just look at these forecast numbers...

Investing in Semiconductor Stocks: Three Chipmakers on the Upswing

Global semiconductor sales have been pretty listless lately, but new data suggests a turnaround is on the horizon for this sector.

In fact, one new forecast by research firm IDC predicts the rate of growth in the semiconductor sector could potentially double in the latter part of this year.

For semiconductor stocks, this newfound growth could provide a big lift in profits.

Even smaller chipmakers may have suitors knocking on their doors for takeovers as they look to increase their market share.

What does this mean for investors?

Now is the time to start looking for the next big winner in semiconductors.

Here's why.

Semiconductor Stocks in 2012

According to IDC,semiconductor sales increased 3.7% to $301 billion last year thanks to increased orders for wireless-device chips.

But 2012 looks even better. The forecast has worldwide semiconductor sales increasing 6%-7%. This will come from declining customer inventories and the never-ending demand for smartphones, tablets and "iDevices."

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