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3 Top Solar Stocks to Buy to Profit from This Sector's Rebound

top solar stocks to buy

With the solar industry bottoming out, now is the time to consider these three top solar stocks to buy.

This sector is ripe for a rebound, with the contribution of wind and solar to the global energy mix expected to grow 800% over the next two decades.

And with costs declining while efficiency of the technology increases, profitability will improve.

Put these three solar stocks at the top of your shopping list...

Why the SunEdison Stock Price Soared 40% Today

SunEdison stock price

The SunEdison stock price soared 41% to $2.68 in pre-market trading today (Tuesday) after its $2.2 billion cash and stock merger for Vivint Solar Inc. (NYSE: VSLR) fell through.

The SunEdison stock price has now climbed more than 45% in the last five trading sessions.

Here's everything you need to know about the deal...

Why We're Bullish on First Solar Stock in 2016

first solar stock

The First Solar stock price is coming off an incredible year.

FSLR beat the bearish S&P 500 by 48.7% in 2015, and we're confident it will continue to outperform the broader market this year.

That's because global demand for solar power is about to see record growth in 2016...

The Top 5 Solar Stocks to Watch in 2016

Solar Stocks

Solar stocks received a major catalyst last month when Congress passed a bill extending solar credits for another five years.

The U.S. is already one of the world's biggest clean-energy investors, but the extension is a major boost to the industry and solar stocks.

And that's not the only catalyst lifting solar stocks in 2016...

Are Solar ETFs a Good Investment in 2016?

Solar ETFs beat the rest of the energy sector by a huge margin last quarter.

2016 will be an even better year for not just solar ETFs - but for the global solar energy industry.

And there's one important trend occurring that will allow investors to bank profits from solar ETFs in 2016...

Are Solar Mutual Funds a Good Investment in 2016?

solar mutual funds to buy

A number of solar mutual funds have already seen handsome gains in 2015.

And they are poised for more returns in 2016 as solar energy demand grows both in and outside the United States.

Here's why 2016 will be another historic year for the global solar energy market...

The Biggest Reason We're Bullish on Solar Energy Stocks in 2016

solar energy stocks

Solar energy stocks outperformed the rest of the energy sector by a huge margin this year.

According to Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors, 2016 will be an even better year.

And there are two important factors that will drive the solar energy sector's growth in 2016...

3 Solar Penny Stocks to Watch in 2016

The U.S. solar industry will continue to soar in 2016, and we've picked three of the best solar penny stocks to watch in 2016.

The latest information from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) shows the U.S. solar industry installed 1,393 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity in Q2 2015. That was the highest Q2 total in U.S. history.

Here's a look a three solar penny stocks for 2016...

Where the SCTY Stock Price Is Headed After This Week's 55% Gain

SCTY stock price

The SolarCity Corp. (Nasdaq: SCTY) stock price rose nearly 10% to $58.60 intraday today (Thursday). After today’s gain, the SCTY stock price is now up more than 58% in the last week.

Solar and wind companies have been in focus this week after U.S. lawmakers voted to extend lucrative subsidies for renewable energy on Tuesday.

Here’s what that means for the SCTY stock price as we head into 2016…

Solar Stocks on the Rise Today Include This 50% Gainer

Solar stocks in focus today include Ascent Solar Technologies (Nasdaq: ASTI), which surged on news it was awarded a govt. contract. Get more on solar stocks here...

Solar stocks were in focus today as Ascent Solar Technologies (Nasdaq: ASTI) surged 50% to $0.28 on news it was awarded a Schedule 56 contract by the U.S. federal government's General Services Administration.

This news was the latest in a string of positive developments for the tiny solar company.

Here's the details...

YieldCo Stocks Trend Marches on With 8Point3 IPO

YieldCo Stocks

The explosion of YieldCo stocks in the solar power industry continues today (Friday) with the 8Point3 IPO (Nasdaq: CAFD).

8Point3 Energy Partners is a joint venture between First Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) and SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWR). As a YieldCo, it's a combination of a tax shelter and income generator.

But this IPO also should be of particular interest to income investors...

What Is a YieldCo?

If you follow alternative energy stocks, the question of "What is a YieldCo?" has probably come up at some point over the past couple of years.

That's because YieldCos have become popular in the green energy industry as a way to raise relatively cheap capital to finance new projects while setting up a revenue stream from finished projects.

For investors, YieldCos offer several advantages. This is particularly true for income investors...

Why First Solar (Nasdaq: FSLR) Stock Is Oversold

FSLR stock

It's not as dark for FSLR stock as it looks.

First Solar Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) stock took a 7.28% hit Tuesday after a brutal downgrade by RBC Capital Markets. FSLR shares closed at $51.06, down $4.01 on the day.

RBC analyst Mahesh Sanganeria warned that Tempe, Ariz.-based First Solar would not meet its revenue and profit targets this year and next. And he whacked his 12-month price target from $54 to $34.

But FSLR stock is not the disaster that Sanganeria described in his note...

Is SolarCity (SCTY) Stock a Buy Now?

SCTY stock

With many analysts bullish on SCTY stock right now, should investors buy it?

The short answer: Probably not. But you can't blame investors for being tempted by SolarCity Corp. (Nasdaq: SCTY) shares. Solar power is an industry growing at a very fast pace.

And while SolarCity is taking advantage of that growth, there's a darker side to this story.

Before you buy SCTY stock, you need to read this…

A Major Solar ETF "Buy" Signal Is Here

solar ETF cells

The potential of solar power has been touted for years, yet it has always come with major limitations. The costs of producing solar power have outweighed the benefits for many power companies.

But that's changing. Solar power has reached a tipping point, and it's creating a massive profit opportunity for one solar ETF.

"Despite the odds, alternative energy - led by solar power - is rapidly approaching what the industry has always considered to be the "Holy Grail,'" Money Morning's Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors said.