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When Will SpaceX Stock Hit the Market? - April 2015

SpaceX stock

Eager investors want to know if SpaceX stock is any closer to hitting the market - possible IPO in 2016? - especially after today's news out of Florida...

Last night on Dec. 21, SpaceX accomplished a historic landing that changed the landscape of American space travel. Imagine the returns if you owned a chunk of SpaceX stock the day its Colonial Transporter touches down on Mars?

But there's an obstacle preventing investors from snapping up SpaceX shares: it is still privately held. That's why we pieced together a few clues from founder and CEO Elon Musk on when there will be a SpaceX IPO...

SpaceX Stock Could be Next Year's Hottest Tech Play

It's been almost 43 years since millions of people sat perched in front of rabbit-eared television sets or tuned into AM radio stations, watching and listening in awe as Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.

Stepping onto unchartered territory Armstrong uttered the famous words, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Some four decades later, space chatter is buzzing again, thanks to a privately owned startup firm called Space Exploration Technologies Corp., more commonly known as SpaceX.

SpaceX on May 22 marked a turning point in U.S. space travel when it became the first private firm to launch a capsule into orbit. When Dragon successfully touched down a week later, it confirmed a new era in space exploration.

And things could get even more exciting and lucrative for investors as an initial public offering of the epic company looms.

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SpaceX and the Six Billionaires Behind the "New Gilded Age"

Commercial space travel was long confined to the realm of science fiction.

But no more.

With SpaceX's successful rocket launch on May 22, commercial space travel is now a concrete, viable reality... and one that will yield lots of investment opportunities in the very near future.

After a three-day delay, the well-funded startup's private space ship - a gumdrop-shaped capsule called Dragon - rocketed into outer space.

It then docked with the International Space Station on the very first try. SpaceX made history. It was the first time a private firm has flown such a mission.

In an article a few weeks ago entitled: "SpaceX Picks Up Where NASA Left Off"- I predicted the venture would succeed.

Now that it has, I believe this event will serve as the tipping point for the whole commercial space sector.

And to think, we have a small group of billionaire investors to thank for it all...

SpaceX Opens the Door to a New Age

A handful of visionary leaders, drawn mostly from the high-tech sector, make up what I have come to call the "New Gilded Age."

For those of you who may not recall from your school days and history classes, the first Gilded Age happened in late 1800s America.

Back then, a select few wealthy men made enormous fortunes for themselves in oil, steel, and the like, and used part of that money to help build the nation.

They built the railroads and the telegraph system. They also donated huge sums to U.S. colleges to vault those institutions of learning well ahead of those in Europe. All of which set the stage for the huge economic boom that helped launch America as a global power.

I contend that the same thing is happening again.

Before I explain, I want to point out something about the first "Gilded Age."

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