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The Next Wave of Stimulus Brings Us This Multitrillion-Dollar Opportunity


Eight long years of excruciatingly accommodative monetary policy have done a lot to inflate asset prices and concentrate some $112 trillion in wealth in the hands of just 34 million people... but it hasn't come anywhere close to the goal of stimulating broader economic growth.

Now instead of admitting the mistake and trying structural reforms, politicians and bureaucrats have come up with yet another crackpot idea to spend their way to growth.

That means there's likely some serious "helicopter money" headed our way.

It might not achieve growth, either, but it is going to be a powerful profit catalyst for the investment I'm about to show you...

Why More Stimulus Wouldn't Save the Market


We've seen this time and again in the Age of Quantitative Easing: Stocks rally whenever central banks talk stimulus.

On the face of it, it's absurd that governments would direct the supposedly independent central banks, with the aim of boosting the stock market. That sounds like a conspiracy theory.

Unfortunately, that conspiracy happens to be true. They haven't tried very hard to hide it.

Of course, that's not how it's "supposed" to be, but we all know it happens; we all know who funds central banks' money-printing sprees. And we all know that the trillions of dollars they create act like a tidal wave of cash that lifts share prices.

Take the gains that brings, by all means, but please don't have any illusions that these gains are even remotely healthy.

Rather, it's a sign of profound addiction. But that's not even the most worrisome thing in play here...

Making Money in a Generational Bull Market

This isn't just any old stock market rally. It's the first leg of a global generational bull market.

Stocks around the world can and eventually will double and triple from here.

Investors want to know if it's too late to get into the record-breaking bull market.

They want to know if they should take profits... or keep their chips on the table.

They want to know how to navigate any correction, if one comes.

The answers to those questions are easy. You just have to understand where we are.

My record picking major market tops and bottoms is exceptional.

That's important, because the global generational bull market isn't going to be a straight run.

There will be ups and downs.

And to get the most of both, you need to know this market and have a plan...