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One of the Best Investment "Tools" You'll Ever Use Costs Less Than $5 at Staples

Every investor has a story about the one "big gainer." But the really successful investors have several stories... and the data needed to replicate their success over and over again.

What's their secret?

It's not QuickBooks or an Excel spreadsheet or the yellow ledger and pencil some old-schoolers still use to log pluses and minuses in a single column.

They can be useful tools, of course. But neither of them tracks the decision-making process itself. It's not for nothing that Barron's research reflects that 85% of all buy/sell decisions are wrong. The reality is that most investors buy when they should be selling and sell when they should be buying.

It's only when you begin to understand what went into each trade that you can begin to replicate your successes and avoid your failures.

And for that you need an investment journal - one that records three things for maximum profits...