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Stock Forecasts

Are you a long-term investor and curious about the potential prices of popular stocks in the next few years? Make sure to bookmark this collection and check back from time to time to see our newest additions to our growing list of stock forecasts.

What is stock market forecasting? Stock market prediction involves trying to determine the future value of a company stock or other type of security traded on an exchange. As you might imagine, successfully predicting a stock's future price could mean that you profit from it, and our goal is to do just that for you — to help you build a profitable portfolio.

How do we make stock market predictions? We use several techniques, including the reliable methods of fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

  • Fundamental analysis: This involves taking a careful look at a conglomerate of economic factors that influence the price of a stock. For example, we may look at balance sheets and income statements to review a company's assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity. This type of intel often tells us about long-term price movements.
  • Technical analysis: This can include taking a look at trends and trying to extract patterns based on historic price patterns in stock charts. Technical analysis means taking a look at various technical indicators to predict stock performance. Technical analysis involves using price trends, chart patterns, volume and momentum indicators, oscillators, moving averages and support and resistance levels.

Technical and fundamental analysis often works best in tandem to identify volume trends, including recently traded volume and to use that compiled data to gain additional insight. We track short-term movements and track reactions over time. It simply means we look at a chart of a specific stock to see how it has performed over time and use this analysis to make future predictions based on looking at patterns.

What do we know we need to be careful to watch out for when coming up with stock forecasts? Knowing that the fundamental and technical analysis can be flawed, history cannot predict future positive or negative data because it's from the past. In addition, charts don't always consistently forecast macro trends and you can always identify subjectivity in the charts because humans are the ones analyzing them.

These aren't easy concepts to grasp. However, we use top-of-the line technology to help you develop the right options based on fundamental strength, accumulation and characteristics based on qualitative and quantitative fundamental and technical analysis.

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GE Stock Prediction for 2025: 110% Upside Potential

General Electric is an undervalued stock that could see an incredible, triple-digit rise over the next five years as airlines recover and rebound from their pandemic lows.

The increased demand for airlines and flights, coupled with GE’s current focus on minimizing its debt and strong second-quarter results, could push GE stock higher.

And here’s how...


Airbnb Stock Forecast: Should You Sell Amid COVID-19 Surge?

The Airbnb stock forecast looks dimmer with another round of COVID-19 at our doorstep.

Airbnb Inc. (NASDAQ: ABNB) made great strides in the months following its December 2020 IPO.

It climbed from an IPO price of $68 to $212 by February.

Now, it’s fallen from those February highs to $147 today.

And investors are starting to look jittery.


Nvidia Stock Forecast 2025: Shares Could Jump 190% Higher

If Nvidia were just a semiconductor manufacturer, the stock would be overpriced.

Fortunately for investors, they are much more than a semiconductor company.

That's why our Nvidia stock forecast shows shares nearly tripling from here.

They're a growing tech company that could one day rival tech giants like Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), Apple (Nasdaq: APPL), Alphabet (Nasdaq; GOOGL) and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT).

And that growth could see Nvidia stock jump 190% higher by 2025.


Forget the Haters - DraftKings Stock Has 116% Upside by 2022

DraftKings Inc. (NASDAQ: DKNG) has been all over the headlines the past few weeks after Hindenburg Research published an article accusing the company of operating black market gaming, money laundering and business with organized crime.

The report drove DKNG down as much as 12%, but the real story is that DraftKings was targeted by a greedy short seller with incentive to drive its stock down.

Hindenburg has a history of driving down share prices with similar reports, but we this time it will backfire.

DraftKings is still an excellent stock to own, and thinks to the naysayers like Hindenburg, it's at a great price.

Here's why you can ignore the haters and turn this into an opportunity.

AMC Stock Forecast 2025 - It Doesn't Look Good

AMC stock is not a long-term buy right now, and investors will be surprised to find out why.

AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE: AMC) suffered through the pandemic in 2020.

People started to imagine a world without movie theaters.

Now, with the streaming industry on the rise – along with the size of home televisions – many still imagine such a future, COVID or no COVID.

Studios today will even release new films straight to streaming services rather than theaters.

Most of the sentiment driving the AMC stock forecast today takes this into account.


Amazon Stock Forecast 2025: Wall Street Targets 185% Inc.

(NASDAQ: AMZN) has a full plate these days.

While the company awaits the departure of founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, they also struggle with the prospect of antitrust action by federal regulators.

Meanwhile, they plan to make some key acquisitions, should the feds not get in the way.

All of this has investors wondering about our Amazon stock forecast for the next few years.

Though it’s highly priced after some insane growth over the last 10 years, it still has much further to go.

One analyst gives Amazon stock a price target of $5,500 per share as soon as 2022.

But even that is conservative for what lies ahead.


Why the Apple Stock Forecast for 2025 Is More Bullish Than Ever

If you think "what goes up, must come down" applies to Apple stock, think again.

The company has beat expectations time and again.

And our Apple stock forecast for 2025 predicts more of the same.

You can see a 122% rise from its March 2020 plateau.

Cathie Wood's Ark Invest thought they would take their profits, selling 500,000 shares of Apple in March.

But we're looking for more growth potential.


Plug Power Stock Prediction 2025: A Potential 313% Gain

Plug Power Inc.

(NASDAQ: PLUG) shares might be down for now.

But the Plug stock forecast for 2025 looks bright.

Sure, we expect the massive electric vehicle renaissance to continue.

But when you dive deeper into this space, you realize it’s about so much more than cars.

It’s about power.

This company stands for the future of something far bigger than transportation.


Tesla Stock Prediction for 2025

The five-year outlook for Tesla Inc.

is bullish, and the reason might surprise you.

Yes, the Tesla cars are great, the branding is great, and the company has managed to infiltrate foreign markets with ease.

But its greatest advantage in the EV market is yet to be tapped.