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Five Cheap Stocks Under $15: BAC, NAK, SD, RIMM, ELN

A certain group of equities have been out of favor lately. Beaten down, they have landed into the cheap stocks barrel.

Yet some of the richest rewards come from these battered and overlooked stocks. So don't let a low share price deter you.

While it is not recommended that you fill up an entire, or even a major, portion of your portfolio with stocks under $15, the addition of a few carefully selected "cheap stocks" could be worthwhile.

Admittedly the odds of picking the next Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) are long, but the right low-priced stocks can be worthy as a trade with the prospect of a huge upside - if timing is right.

The following are five stocks under $15 that have taken a beating and offer the kind of potential that make them worthy of a closer look.

They include: Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), Northern Dynasty Mineral Ltd. (NYSE: NAK), SandRidge Energy (NYSE: SD), Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) and Elan Corp. (NYSE: ELN).

Here's the breakdown...

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