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Here's Everything Wrong with Hillary Clinton's Capital Gains Tax Plan

2016 Election Candidate Hillary Clinton

In a speech today, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton struck-out at 'short-termism' in proposing to hike capital gains taxes for investors who hold investments for only two or three years.

In doing so, she not only betrayed the nearly genetic pre-disposition of any Democratic politician to raise taxes...

But this is just the beginning of the colossal mistake Hillary just proposed...

Apple: Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game

Hauling Apple's CEO Tim Cook to Washington last week to get berated in front of a Congressional committee was sadly nothing more than typical DC kabuki theater.

Corporations have been using similar tax dodges for decades and Congress has always harrumphed and looked the other way. Perhaps because real tax reform would have real consequences?

If Congress actually has the nerve to grab some sketchy offshore corporate revenue, you need to know what it means for your stocks.

Read on and I'll tell you...

Money Morning Mailbag: Ending Bush Tax Cuts Not a Cure-All for U.S. Financial Woes

The question of whether or not to extend the Bush tax cuts will be a pivotal issue as Washington prepares for this year's midterm election.

The Congressional Budget Office yesterday (Thursday) reported that extending the tax cuts would result in only short-lived economic benefits.

"[It would provide] a considerable boost to economic activity in 2011 and beyond for a few years," CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told CNN. "Over time, [however,] the negative consequences of very high federal borrowing build up."

The CBO reported that if the cuts for most U.S. taxpayers were made permanent - as proposed by U.S. President Barack Obama - the nation's accrued debt (not including money owed to Social Security and other government trust funds) could climb to 100% of gross domestic product by 2020, up from 62% this year.

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