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Double Your Money by Market Close with These Price Patterns

double your money

The upbeat March jobs report added to the increasing level of confidence consumers have about the economy and investors have about the markets.

This means that we could be looking at some great trading opportunities with triple-digit profit potential this week.

And with these two key technical patterns, you can double your money before the next opening bell...

How to Profit from This Holiday Trading Pattern

how to profit

Like tens of millions of Americans, I was shopping this weekend - out there in "brick and mortar" stores, no less. You know - the same retailers that are said to be heading the way of the dinosaur while they drag down the wider stock market at this time of year.

Well, while I did see a genius driving with one hand on the wheel and another desperately clutching the new 65" flat-screen television he was holding to the roof of his car, I didn't see much to convince me that real-world stores were going to mount much of a comeback challenge to the increasing dominance of online "e-tailers."

But... my trip did bring to light a significant disconnect between Wall Street's perception of retail and what actually happens in the real world.

That's not going to help J.C. Penney or Wal-Mart, but that gulf is something we can use to make some seasonal spending money - if we get started today. Here's what I mean...