Ukraine crisis

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    Editor's Note: Bill Patalon's readers enjoy regular access to his high-profit research and best money-making, market-beating ideas. Today Bill looks behind a global crisis that's playing loudly out on the front pages everywhere, yet the most important factor is almost entirely being missed. Since Bill's been watching this trend for years, he sees, and shares, for us his one-of-a-kind insights...

    If you've been watching the developments between Russia and Ukraine in recent days, then I'm sure you've seen reports of the sobering military buildups taking place on both sides of the border.

    Today I want to spend a little time updating you on these escalations.

    But then I plan to tell you about the real skirmish there - one that's not being reported on by the mainstream media. In fact, it may have already ended the battle in Moscow's favor.

    Kiev just doesn't realize it yet.

    The deciding factor in this skirmish is something we've been telling you about for more than two years.

    And it just keeps gaining in importance - so much so, in fact, that we Main Street Americans need to watch it carefully just to protect ourselves.

    This "X-Factor" goes by a lot of names.

    But today we're going to refer to it as the "Invisible Front" of modern warfare.

    And to set the scene, let's first take a look at what the mainstream media is looking at - the military buildups on each side of the Russia/Ukraine border...

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