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Goldman Sachs' Most Dangerous Trade

Here's something you probably don't know, and it will really tick you off.

You probably do know the biggest banks in the world have commodities businesses.

Those lines of business might include trading desks (trading everything from gold and copper to kilowatts), transportation (pipelines, railcars and tankers) and storage (warehousing) operations, mining operations, as well as production, refining, and raw and finished commodity distribution operations.

What you probably don't know is that one of the "commodities" a few of these monster banks (Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank) trade is...are you ready?

Okay, I'll tell... but you won't believe it.

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After 20 Years, the Uranium Race Is Set to Resume – Price Surge Could Begin as Early as December

One in every 10 lightbulbs in the United States gets its power from Russian fuel. It's been that way ever since 1993, when the Megatons to Megawattsprogram began.

Under this agreement, the highly enriched uranium (HEU) contained in ex-Soviet nuclear weapons was downblended and converted into nuclear fuel.

It was a win-win arrangement. Americans got the nuclear fuel they needed; the Russians got the hard currency they needed. And the world got a cleaner, less dangerous environment, as around 20,000 warheads were stood down.

But this era is rapidly coming to a close. The very last shipment of the program's uranium recently left St. Petersburg, Russia, for Baltimore, Maryland.

By the end of December, the deal that helped provide about half of all commercial nuclear power in the United States... will simply end.

And that's going to open up a fantastic opportunity for us...

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Why Uranium Prices Are at a Critical Tipping Point

Thanks to considerably higher energy costs, the demand for nuclear power continues to rise.
This year alone, 65 nuclear power plants are under construction, another 160 new reactors are currently in the planning stages, and 340 more have been proposed. Even Japan is now shifting its stance on nuclear power. According to Japan Today, newly elected Prime Minister Shinzo Abe now says he is willing to build new nuclear reactors.
The demand for uranium is clearly going to be getting stronger, which presents a problem. There is already a uranium supply deficit of 40 million pounds a year.
But supply and demand are only part of the uranium story...

Uranium Prices: The Top Three Ways to Play the Nuclear Power Surge

Uranium prices have gained more than 70% from their recession bottom. And that's only the beginning. The element is bracing for a super-surge, and we've found three ways to profit from this uranium bull market that could continue to rise through the rest of the decade and beyond. Uranium is heading back toward its historic […]

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Uranium Prices Surge on China's $511 Billion Investment in Nukes

China's push for energy security is igniting a boom in the country's nuclear power plant construction, rekindling demand for uranium and leading its price higher.

China held its first International Nuclear Symposium on November 24-25 in Beijing. The meeting was packed with nuclear industry heavyweights scrambling for new contracts after the Red Dragon announced its intentions to spend $511 billion to build as many as 245 reactors in the next two decades - nearly doubling previous plans.

"Money is not an issue, which is different from the rest of the world. The Chinese have the capacity to deliver and they are deadly serious about achieving it," Steve Kidd, director of strategy and research at the London-based World Nuclear Association (WNA), told Bloomberg News.

President Hu Jintao said China aims to generate at least 15% of its energy from non-fossil fuels by 2020. Although the Chinese have invested heavily in wind farms and solar arrays, nuclear power is the only source of energy that could reach his goal.

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China Stockpiling Uranium in Rush to Build More Nuclear Plants

China is stockpiling uranium and purchasing the yellow metal in unprecedented quantities as part of its effort to build new nuclear reactors and provide electricity for its power hungry populace.

The nation may purchase about 5,000 metric tons of uranium this year, more than twice as much as it consumes, Thomas Neff, a physicist and uranium-industry analyst at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, said in a July 6 telephone interview with Bloomberg News.

India and China are gearing up for the biggest expansion of nuclear energy since the 1970s oil crisis to cut pollution and supply their economies with enough fuel to keep them growing twice as fast as Europe and North America.

"They are essentially stockpiling in anticipation of new reactor build," said Neff, who is an independent director of GoviEx Uranium Inc., a privately held exploration company with interests in Niger. "They are stockpiling like crazy."

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China Deepens Ties with Iran and Venezuela In Spite of U.S. Consternation

Just as the United States makes an impassioned push for tougher economic sanctions on Iran, China is reportedly increasing its gas exports to the volatile Middle East nation.

Chinaoil- the state-owned China National Petroleum Corp's (CNPC) trading unit- shipped two cargoes totaling 600,000 barrels of gasoline to Iran in exchange for $55 million, according to Reuters. The cargoes were Chinaoil's first direct sales to Iran since at least January 2009, according to Reuters data.

Additionally, Unipec- the trading arm of the China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec) (NYSE ADR: SNP)- agreed to sell 250,000 barrels of gasoline to Iran.

The sales couldn't come at a worse time for the United States. Washington has spent months lobbying the international community to tighten sanctions on Iran, which is openly expanding its uranium enrichment capacity.

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Uranium's Price Surge Proves Costly for Areva

By Staff Reports French nuclear energy giant Areva SA (PINK: ARVCF) will pay 50% more for uranium mined in Niger, while investing more than $1.49 billion in the country's as yet untapped Imouraren deposit – possibly the second largest in the world – according to an agreement signed this week, Bloomberg reported. The price Areva […]

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Outlook 2008: Continued Supply Crunches Will Add a "Glow" to Uranium Stocks

Editor's Note: This is the Sixth Installment of an Ongoing Series Highlighting the Global Investing Outlook for 2008 By Don Miller Contributing Writer Of all the commodities to ride the volatile global roller coaster in 2007, uranium had the wildest ride. Overall, it gained 28% for the year. But that seemingly simple statistic masks a […]

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How to Profit from Canada's Commodity Boom

Canada's economy is on a roll and its underlying strength is primarily a commodities story. The main protagonists are uranium and oil, says Jody Clarke in a two-part series from our U.K. affiliate, MoneyWeek Magazine.Those commodities and more are causing investors to see green in the Great White North. [Editors Note: The First of Two […]

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Production Report Drives BHP Estimates Down

BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP), the world's largest mining company, released a lackluster output report Tuesday. According to the report, the company continues to take substantial losses related to its Australian uranium operations.  The Age of Australia reported that BHP has been forced to make spot market purchases of uranium to fulfill its supply obligations. That […]

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BHP to Sell its Rio Algom unit to Uranium Resources

From Staff reports Uranium Resources Inc. (URRE) agreed to buy a uranium mining company and a mill license from BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP) for about $126.5 million in cash. Uranium Resources announced that it would pay $110 million for Rio Algom Mining LLC, whose assets include New Mexico properties with 20 million pounds of U308 […]

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