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VRX Stock Tanks Again Today After Hiking Drug Price 100%

VRX stock

The VRX stock price has plummeted 82% in the last six months because of predatory business practices.

Money Morning has covered the fall of Valeant Pharmaceuticals since October 2015, and our readers have made a profit of 700%.

And after Valeant just came under fire for increasing the price of a female libido pill from $400 to $800, it appears Valeant isn't ready to give up its predatory business model. That's more bad news for VRX shareholders...

Valeant Stock Price Soars Today - Should Investors Buy Now?

why Valeant stock is down

It has been an incredibly volatile day for the Valeant stock price. VRX stock jumped more than 15% to $31.59 this morning (Monday) after the pharmaceutical giant announced sweeping changes to its board.

Valeant Pharmaceutics Internationa Inc. (NYSE: VRX) shares were briefly halted after the news broke. When trading resumed, Valeant stock plunged. Ten minutes into today's session, the Valeant stock price was down 1% to a new 52-week low of $26.

Here's what is next for Valeant stock in 2016...

The Valeant Stock Price Crashed - and We Made a 700% Profit

Valeant stock price

The Valeant stock price has crashed 88% over the last six months, and the stock shows no sign of recovering.

And while many investors were crushed by the loss -- including famed activist Bill Ackman, who reportedly lost $1 billion on the stock - our readers made a profit of 700%.

Before we get to that massive profit, here's why Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. (NYSE: VRX) stock crashed 58% this week, and why it's still falling...

Should I Buy Valeant Stock After Q4 2015 Earnings?


Valeant not only missed expectations in its Q4 2015 earnings report, but also provided a bleak outlook for 2016.

The drug maker has dealt with countless scandals over the past six months, which has made the Valeant stock price plunge over 78% from its 52-week high of $263.81.

Now, some on Wall Street are saying that this is a great time to buy VRX at a discount. But here's what you really need to know...

Why the Valeant Stock Price Is Crashing and What's Next for the Stock in 2016

Valeant stock price

The Valeant stock price is in free fall. Valeant stock tumbled another 8% to $59.88 today (Tuesday) after crashing 18% Monday following reports that the beleaguered company is under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

And according to Money Morning experts, the Valeant stock price has even further to fall in 2016. First, here's why the stock has crashed this week...

Why Glencore and Valeant Stock Will Keep Falling in 2016

super crash

Things are moving fast in the markets. If you pay attention, you could earn big profits from the unwinding of the biggest debt bubble in history.

Glencore and Valeant Pharmaceuticals present two such profit opportunities. They're both coming apart at the seams, and you're going to want to act quickly to profit from their problems.

Here's how to play Glencore and Valeant stock in 2016...

Why the VRX Stock Price Is Falling Again This Week and Where It's Headed


The Valeant Pharmaceutical International Inc. (NYSE: VRX) stock price has come under pressure yet again this week following a new downgrade and significantly lowered company guidance.

Late last week, Valeant lowered its Q4 outlook and guided Q1 fiscal 2016 sales and earnings below Wall Street estimates.

Here's why we see the VRX stock price drop continuing into 2016...

Don't Buy In to the Valeant Stock Hype

valeant pharmaceuticals

There's been a ton of online chatter claiming that Valeant stock has become a screaming bargain.

And sure, it sounds like a bottom-feeder's dream come true. Since its Aug. 5 high, Valeant stock has dropped more than 65%. If it regained just 69% of its previous high, it would double.

But don't believe the hype. This is a deeply troubled company you should stay well away from.

Let me show you why you'll be glad you avoided this company at all costs...

AAPL, VRX, and China Top This Week's 10 Most Shocking Numbers

AAPL stock

Here are this week's need-to-know facts about the stock market, economy, Wall Street, and life-changing global events...

It's the numbers that count in this crazy world. They can tell stories that words sometimes can't.

AAPL, VRX, and China contributed three out of the 10 numbers that shocked investors most this week. Here's a look at some of the fascinating, infuriating, amusing, depressing, and altogether important figures that the world has put up on the board recently - and why you need to know them...

Here's How to Make My "Favorite Trade" on Valeant Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: VRX)


Valeant Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: VRX) has thrown in the towel on its questionable relationship with Philidor. Unfortunately, this move comes too late to save the reputation of VRX's management.

Here's a specific trade recommendation to bet against the rotten company.

It's a really good one for you that I think could bring a huge return - fast.