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Yahoo earnings

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Yahoo Earnings for Q3 2015 (Nasdaq: YHOO)

Yahoo earnings

Yahoo earnings for Q3 2015 will be released after the bell today (Tuesday). And analysts are expecting earnings per share (EPS) of $0.17 and revenue of $1.26 billion.

Those estimates represent a year-over-year drop of 67% for earnings and a gain of 14.8% for revenue.

While investors are looking for EPS and revenue figures, there's a more important factor for investors to watch...

Yahoo Stock Falters on Overhyped but Underwhelming Yahoo Earnings (Nasdaq: YHOO)

Yahoo stock

Yahoo stock fell in pre-market trading after a mixed Yahoo earnings report.

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) posted a 14.7% increase in sales, from $1.084 billion in the second quarter of 2014 to $1.243 billion this quarter.

But for all the good news, it's tempered by realities that don't paint a bright picture for this struggling content giant's future...

Expect Very Little from Yahoo Earnings – and Yahoo Stock – This Season (Nasdaq: YHOO)

Yahoo earnings

Yahoo earnings will be released this afternoon (Tuesday). But, for all intents and purposes, Yahoo earnings are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

That's because the market values Yahoo's core business at a negative valuation when all holdings are accounted for.

And they don't seem too eager to push it up anytime soon, at least not under CEO Marissa Mayer's direction...

How to Play Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) Stock After Yesterday's Sell-Off

YHOO stock

For most of the day yesterday (Tuesday), Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) stock was trading up.

That was, until news reports came out suggesting that the Internal Revenue Services was considering changes to tax rules governing spin-offs - fearing it could cut into the expected Alibaba windfall.

And while the news sent YHOO stock sliding, it illustrates a very important point for anybody who's looking to buy YHOO stock right now...

How Does Yahoo Make Money?

how does yahoo make money

The question about Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) is not necessarily, "How does Yahoo make money?" but rather, "How does Yahoo still make money?"

Online advertising is a tough business to be in, especially when other bigger players are dominating. Yahoo is in trouble.

So, how does Yahoo make money now that the industry has shifted and they aren't one of the leaders? Here's how...

Is Yahoo Stock Worth Buying After Another Lukewarm Earnings Season?

yahoo stock

After Yahoo earnings yesterday (Tuesday), investors have to ask themselves, "Is Yahoo stock worth buying?"

The Yahoo stock price got a nice lift in pre-market trading today. Though, Yahoo earnings weren't a ringing endorsement for the company's ailing core business. But it's still worth a buy.

So why is Yahoo stock worth buying? We answer that here...

Yahoo Stock Price Crash Is Small Blip on Way to Future Gains

yahoo stock price

The Yahoo stock price was hammered last week.

Already on a downward trajectory earlier in the week, it fell 6%, closing at $43.43. That is a three-month low.

The most disappointing part of this drop was that it really wasn't Yahoo's fault.

Here's what happened - and why YHOO will rise in 2015...

Yahoo Tax-Free Spin-Off Announced Amid Q4 Earnings (YHOO)

yahoo tax-free spin-off

Yahoo shareholders have finally got what they've been waiting for: a Yahoo tax-free spin-off.

Yahoo stock is up big in after-market hours today (Tuesday). At 4:30 p.m. EDT Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) stock was up more than 7%, above $51. This was not because Yahoo quarterly earnings impressed.

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo: 3 Key Points from Book on YHOO CEO

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo

For Yahoo shareholders, Nicholas Carlson's Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo! is a must-read.

This is especially true given how crucial Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) earnings are today - and how crucial the next year of Yahoo quarterly earnings is going to be.

Here are the three most important takeaways from this book...

What Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) Stock Investors Need to See from Mayer Now

yahoo stock

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) stock rose 4.5% today (Wednesday).

But why? Slight revenue growth was the only good thing to come of YHOO's earnings report Tuesday.

That's why YHOO investors need to see some key events take place to improve Yahoo's outlook.

While CEO Marissa Mayer didn't provide a clear roadmap for YHOO's future, she did drop some hints in the earnings call for what's ahead. So here's what YHOO investors need to see actually happen...

Yahoo Inc! (Nasdaq: YHOO) Stock Up on Optimistic Earnings – But Uncertainty Lies Ahead

yhoo stock

Yahoo Inc! (Nasdaq: YHOO) stock got a boost in after-market trading following an earnings report that beat analyst estimates.

But the numbers are hardly as optimistic as they seem…

Four Stocks to Watch as Tech Earnings Season Begins

This earnings season will be awash in fascinating storylines from corporate America, and the technology earnings season will no doubt weave the most interesting of narratives.

That's because tech has been on a roll for the third quarter.

Here are the four stocks to watch as tech unveils one of its most important quarters…

Yahoo Stock (Nasdaq: YHOO) Surges Despite First-Ever Mayer Earnings Miss

yhoo stock

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) reported second quarter 2014 earnings results after closing bell today (Tuesday). Despite a miss, Yahoo stock surged more than 2.25% after hours.

Here’s what’s going on…

The Real Reason Yahoo Purchased Blink, and What That Means for YHOO Stock

YHOO stock

Yesterday, Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) acquired Blink, a mobile-messaging app that allows users to send texts, pictures, and videos that self-destruct after an allotted period of time.

The acquisition fits into Yahoo's trend of buying small mobile companies in hopes of further strengthening its share of the mobile market.

Yahoo and CEO Marissa Mayer better hope that this strategy pays off, because if it fails YHOO stock could be in serious trouble…

Alibaba IPO: Profits Soar as Investors Await Filing

Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) shareholders and prospective Alibaba investors were eagerly awaiting the Yahoo earnings report yesterday as it provides a glimpse into Alibaba's financial numbers.

The report didn't disappoint, as Alibaba saw its profits more than double in the fourth quarter of 2013.

As Alibaba prepares for its IPO in 2014, its value keeps rising. If it continues this strategy, it may be the biggest U.S. IPOs we've ever seen...