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Yahoo Earnings Today – What You Need to Know Now

Yahoo earnings

The Yahoo earnings report for the third quarter will come in today after the bell.

The internet pioneer is in the midst of being acquired by Verizon Communications Inc.

Here's what you need to know ahead of the web portal's closely watched Q3 2016 results...

Will the Yahoo Hack Affect the Verizon Deal?

Will the Yahoo hack affect the Verizon deal

Will the Yahoo hack affect the Verizon deal? That's on every YHOO shareholder's mind right now.

That's because there's a clause in the Yahoo-Verizon deal that states Verizon could potentially walk away from this deal without any ramifications.

That would be devastating for YHOO shareholders. Here's everything you need to know about how the deal could play out now because of the 2014 Yahoo hack...

Yahoo Stock Owners Missed This $44 Billion Opportunity in 2008

who will buy Yahoo

The Yahoo stock price is flat after Verizon offered to buy the struggling Internet giant.

Verizon will pay $4.83 billion for Yahoo's core business.

Yahoo ran out of options to give shareholders more value. But it received a much bigger offer in 2008 that could have been worth a lot more...

What's Next for the Yahoo Stock Price After $4.8 Billion Verizon Acquisition

The Fed isn't expected to raise rates in July, but we will get a better understanding of how Janet Yellen views the current global economy. Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) on Monday announced it will buy Yahoo! Inc.'s (Nasdaq: YHOO) web assets in a $4.83 billion deal, ending a lengthy auction for the sputtering Internet company.

The deal has left investors asking what's next for the Yahoo stock price after the Verizon acquisition.

Here's what we know so far...

Can YHOO Stock Price Keep Climbing Ahead of Its Sale?

Yahoo stock

The YHOO stock price is inching higher today following its Q2 earnings report yesterday.

Despite the Internet firm reporting lackluster numbers, there's even bigger Yahoo news that could boost the stock price.

Here's everything you need to know about the state of this Internet pioneer...

What's Next for the Yahoo Stock Price After Q2 Earnings

Yahoo stock

The Yahoo stock price is slightly up right before the company announces Q2 2016 earnings.

Yahoo provided a weak revenue guidance earlier in the year, though, so investors should tamper their expectations.

But we had to make sure our readers had the most specific information on earnings per share and revenue projections. Find out what to expect from Yahoo's earnings report right here...

YHOO Stock Price Climbs Today After Buffett Eyes Assets

warren buffett

The YHOO stock price is showing some life today after Warren Buffett shared his interest in financing a deal to purchase the Yahoo's Internet business.

While tech stocks aren't Buffett's forte, he has financed several successful deals in the past.

But after a poor outlook in Q1 2016, why would any company bid on Yahoo? Well, there are two main reasons Yahoo is an attractive takeover target...

Who Will Buy Yahoo?

who will buy Yahoo

Everyone wants to know who will buy Yahoo, and it appears that the investing world almost has an answer.

CEO Marissa Mayer has been tight-lipped about the bids and the front-runner for Yahoo, but three confirmed companies are interested in purchasing the Internet giant.

And we had to share with our readers what companies wanted to buy Yahoo, as well as why they are interested in acquiring Mayer's company.

2 Reasons the Yahoo Stock Price Today Is Climbing

Yahoo stock price

The Yahoo stock price today is climbing because the company met expectations for Q1 2016.

Even though revenue was down from Q1 2015, Yahoo was able to do exactly what Wall Street thought it would.

But the biggest reason the stock price is climbing today is because three companies want to buy Yahoo. Here's everything you need to know...

The Yahoo Stock Price Continues to Climb After More Suitors Emerge

Yahoo stock

The Yahoo stock price today is down, but not before it climbed over 11% in the last month.

Companies ranging from Verizon to Alibaba could be interested in buying the Internet giant, and first-round bids will expire on April 18.

And this is exactly why companies are so interested in purchasing some or all of Yahoo...

Yahoo Stock Price Today Climbs After Latest Buyout Bid

yahoo stock

The Yahoo stock price today is climbing after a long list of potential suitors for the Internet company was revealed.

Verizon appears to be the front-runner, but Google, Time, and several equity funds are interested in taking over the company.

Yahoo recently revealed to the bidders it expects revenue to drop 15% in 2016, so why would any of these companies want to buy it? Here's everything you need to know...

Yahoo Stock Price in Focus Today as This Big Push for Changes Revealed

Yahoo stock price

The Yahoo stock price is one to watch in coming weeks now that a hedge fund proposed a plan to make major changes to the company's board.

Starboard Value LP, the hedge fund behind the plan, is one of Yahoo! Inc.'s (Nasdaq: YHOO) largest shareholders, with an approximately 1.7% stake. That represents an investment of about $570 million.

In a letter sent to Yahoo shareholders Thursday, Starboard announced it is nominating a slate of nine candidates for election to Yahoo's board of directors. Here's what you need to know now...

Why the Yahoo Stock Price Rally Won't Last in 2016

Yahoo stock price

The Yahoo stock price rallied 2.3% to $30.23 this morning (Friday) after the struggling Internet company said it has formed a committee to explore strategic alternative. The Yahoo stock price is now up 11% since last Thursday.

But we don't expect the Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) stock price rally to last through 2016. And there is one major reason why we remain bearish on YHOO stock.

First, here's some key details about Friday's announcement and Yahoo stock's rebound...

YHOO Stock Still Too Speculative, Here's a Better Opportunity

YHOO stock

The YHOO stock price is plummeting today, despite the fact that Verizon's CEO announced interest in acquiring Yahoo.

But the speculation makes YHOO stock dangerous to own, especially in a bear market.

Here's everything you need to know about CEO Marissa Mayer's company if the market continues to sell off...

Yahoo Earnings for Q4 2015 Released Today: 3 Biggest Keys for Investors

yahoo earnings

Yahoo earnings come out today, Feb. 2, 2016.

Unfortunately for shareholders, this could be the first time since 2004 that Yahoo hasn't recorded at least $1 billion in revenue.

But before earnings are released, we wanted to provide our readers with the reasons why Yahoo got in this predicament and what to expect moving forward...