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Here's Why Americans Are Missing from the Panama Papers

The Panama Papers noticeably didn't contain one prominent group of corporations and wealthy tycoons in its leak…


Here's the scandalous reason why...


Man Fails to Buy $60K BMW with Food Stamps, Returns to Steal Car

A Florida man tried to buy a $60,000 BMW X-6 SUV with his Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card and credit card on Thursday. The auto dealership in Pompano Beach "declined 36-year-old Nicholas Jackson's business" when he offered to pay with food stamps, according to the Martin County Sherriff's Office police report.

Jackson returned the next day and took the car, plus 60 sets of keys. He was apprehended 70 miles north, where authorities say he drove until the car ran out of gas.

Misuse of food stamps has become a heated issue as we near the 2016 presidential election. FOX Business' "Varney & Co." highlighted Jackson's case this morning, and Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald weighed in...


Will Carl Icahn Buy Twitter?

Even though he's denied interest, TWTR shareholders want to believe in the Carl Icahn Twitter rumors.

Twitter stock is down almost 40% on the year, and many investors worry that CEO Jack Dorsey will be too distracted running Square Inc. to revive Twitter.

Read on to find out if Twitter could be a target for Icahn down the road, or if the activist investor truly has no interest in TWTR stock...


Six Years of Dubious Clinton Foundation Tax Errors Were Just Refiled – Here's What We Know

Earlier this year on April 23, Reuters published findings of a review it performed on the Clinton Foundation's tax filings.

It was a splash. The news agency broke down several Clinton Foundation tax errors, and it mainly "found errors in how [the charity] reported donations from governments" — raising questions of wrongdoing and a suspicious lack of transparency.

Clinton Foundation spokesman Craig Minassian emailed to Reuters an admission the tax returns were flawed. He said they would have to be refiled.

Indeed, on the exact Nov. 16 deadline, six years' worth of the charity's erroneous tax returns were refiled.

Here's what the new documents revealed...


Directional Traders Will Love This Lucrative Options Trading Strategy

Directional traders assess the direction of the broader markets or individual securities and then trade accordingly. So what strategies do directional traders use?

Today, I'm going to show you a simple options trading strategy that allows you to target lucrative opportunities… and it relies on a tool we've talked about a lot in recent weeks: the simple moving average.

Let's get started...


[CHART] VW Dieselgate Will Cost More Than Deepwater and Enron Scandals Combined

VW's "Dieselgate" could end up being one of the most expensive, avoidable disasters in the world…

VW set aside $7.2 billion to deal with the scandal, but according to Credit Suisse's most conservative estimates, that's not nearly enough.

Here's how the actual cost of Dieselgate measures up to other major expensive (and avoidable) disasters...


Digicel IPO Will Be the Biggest Deal of 2015 So Far (NYSE: DCEL)

The Digicel IPO will hit the market this Thursday, Oct. 8, and is set to be the largest IPO of the year so far.

The Caribbean telecommunications company will raise $1.8 billion and have a market cap of $4.6 billion.

But many investors are wondering if they should buy into the Digicel IPO on Thursday...

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Why the Netflix Stock Price Is Down Another 5% Today (Nasdaq: NFLX)

The Netflix stock price is down another 4.8% in early trading this morning (Friday) and has now dipped 13.3% since Aug. 6.

Yesterday, shares of Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) were down 7.8% as many tech stocks felt the heat of the market's sell-off. On Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 350 points, and the Nasdaq dropped 141 points.

Here's the best way to handle NFLX stock now...

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The Trickle-Down Effect China's Stock Market Crash Will Have on the U.S.

China's stock market fell more than 6% on Tuesday, and investors around the world are worried about a full stock market crash in China.

The impact is being felt in the United States with the Dow Jones down more than 3% in the last month.

Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton made his regular appearance on FOX Business Tuesday and discussed what trickle-down effects we'll see in the U.S. stock markets.

Conspiracy Theories

What Is Jade Helm? Here Are the Latest Scandals

What is Jade Helm? It's a question being asked by citizens across the country. It's a military exercise! It's a secret takeover! It's a bunch of death squads!

One thing's for sure: Jade Helm is the center of controversy right now.

Here are the latest scandals...