DJIA --473.66-1.36%
NASDAQ --12.430.09%
S&P --36.330.87%
Featured Stocks:
NFLX +1.72% 495.08
CURLF +3.11% 14.80
SLX +1.63% 67.26
XLE -2.57% 52.27
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Bernard Durey
Bernard Durey
9 years ago

I guess I cannot get the videos any more. It has been quite soemtime since I had one.. work. I can get the picture and place where to click on and then nothing.

Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett
9 years ago

Forget all the videos. One can read faster than someone can talk; in addition, shorten the text and get rid of the fluff! Who really cares is John Smow made 293 % in six months or Sally Smout made 23% in a week. No one really gives a bloody hoot about testimonials. Just tell us what you have and how much it will cost. Time is too valuable.