DJIA +823.322.68%
NASDAQ +375.433.34%
S&P +116.013.06%
Featured Stocks:
LIT +2.85% 75.80
DOUG +3.21% 5.14
RIG +6.40% 3.49
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Bernard Durey
Bernard Durey
10 years ago

I guess I cannot get the videos any more. It has been quite soemtime since I had one.. work. I can get the picture and place where to click on and then nothing.

Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett
10 years ago

Forget all the videos. One can read faster than someone can talk; in addition, shorten the text and get rid of the fluff! Who really cares is John Smow made 293 % in six months or Sally Smout made 23% in a week. No one really gives a bloody hoot about testimonials. Just tell us what you have and how much it will cost. Time is too valuable.