Earnings Season Is Upon Us - Here's What You Need to Look For

Expectations of positive earnings have propelled the Dow to 26,000 - just nine trading days after it hit a record 25,000.

Analysts expect strong earnings nearly across the board, which will propel stock prices and bring broader markets to more all-time highs.

But if you're just looking at earnings, you're missing the big picture...

That's according to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald. Keith is a 35-year market expert who's provided readers with the highest-quality investment guidance for 10 years now.

He appeared on Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co." on Monday, where he explained to viewers why earnings alone aren't the only thing to watch in the coming weeks...

He said too few investors are paying attention to this one factor - which means you can use it to stay ahead of the crowd:


"Stunningly Massive" Profit Opportunities Now

Using a strategy derided as "crazy," Keith gave his readers the chance to bank 313% in average gains per week (including partial and full closeouts).

And the gains are accelerating at an astonishing pace now...

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