How to Respond to North Korea When Its Leader Doesn't Use "Normal Logic"

North Korea's development of intercontinental nuclear weapons has been generating anxiety in the United States and around the whole world.

Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump had harsh words for China over its lack of a response to North Korea's nuclear program. And this weekend, the United Nations Security Council passed new economic sanctions on North Korea.

Will these measures make a difference? Money Morning Technical Trading Specialist D.R. Barton, Jr., joins FOX Business Network's "Cavuto Coast to Coast" to discuss the problem of dealing with a leader like Kim Jong Un, who "doesn't make decisions like the rest of us."


Trump's Secret Weapon Against Chinese Aggression: Hostilities in the South China Sea now seem imminent, and the Trump administration could be on the verge of its first major crisis. But thanks to a small $6 U.S. defense firm with a top-secret new technology, China is about to be taken to the woodshed. Frankly, you have to see it to believe it...

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