Intel Stock (Nasdaq: INTC) Sure to Profit from "Core M" Chip Breakthrough

Intel stock (Nasdaq: INTC) isn't doing badly. It's gone up 81% in the last five years, and 49% over the last 12 months alone.

But let's face it: INTC shares could have nabbed far better gains had the chip builder been quicker to the table on mobile innovation.

"We missed the tablet. We missed that transition," freshly appointed Intel Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich bluntly disclosed at Recode'sCode Conference in May. "If you look at computing all through history, it's gotten continuously smaller, more mobile, more connected." Krzanich went on to say that he planned on moving Intel into the mobile, wearable, and other "small portables" tech wave.

True to his word, on Monday Intel announced that its first-ever low-power chips, designed for tablets and other small devices, will hit the market before the year's out. Dubbed "Core M" processors, the chips are less than 10 millimeters thick - perfect for Windows-based "convertible" tablet-laptop combinations, and even for the MacBook Air redesign according to AppleInsider.

The "Core M" is just one of four reasons Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson is a big fan of Intel stock.

Watch Robinson's Tuesday afternoon appearance on FOX Business' "Varney & Co." to hear them all:

Intel stock (Nasdaq: INTC) is about to get a major boost from the “Core M” chip breakthrough. It’s one of four reasons our expert’s calling Intel a “Buy”…

Robinson is also a huge fan of this rural telephone company that just totally changed the rules on telecom competition...
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