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Restaurant stocks

Why Shake Shack Stock (NYSE: SHAK) Is Not a Buy

Shake Shack stock (NYSE: SHAK) is way over-hyped. In fact, it reminds us of another far-too-anticipated stock that met an unfortunate end not long ago.

The particular stock of which we're thinking died off because of a diet fad.

But we think Shack Shake's fate will be more eruptive in nature - and burst like a balloon!

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Calls for a "Flat" S&P 500

Goldman's recent forecast calls for basically no gains on the S&P 500 over the next 12 months. That's got some investors spooked and looking for the exits.

But Keith believes we need to look at what Goldman does, not what it says...

Keith Fitz-Gerald on Whether "We're Doomed"

"There are no markets left in any meaningful sense of the word, just a raging casino infected with the madness of the crowds and the central bank pied pipers who mesmerize them." Strong words from Reagan-era Budget Director David Stockman. But, is he right? Keith weighs in…

Watch the video...

Apple Watch

Here's When Apple Hits $200

One of Apple's core strengths is its ability to develop and market products that consumers don't even realize they need yet.

And Keith believes that's a key reason why the shares will hit $200 by this date. Don't worry, there's still time to buy...

Big Banks

Keith Appears on CNBC's Street Signs

Money Morning's Keith Fitz-Gerald nails China's GDP growth, gives his quick read on big bank's reported earnings, and cautions against taking a short-term view during any earnings season.

Keith's thoughts as he appears on CNBC...

The Fed

The Debate over Data the Fed Doesn’t Like

Keith appears on the CNBC's Closing Bell and talks about the Fed.

Thoughts on the Fed.


This Apple Product Could Mean the End of Cell Phones

Keith appears on Fox Business and talks with host Stuart Varney. Watch the video to hear is thoughts on Apple's new product.

Thoughts on Apple's latest product...

Federal Reserve

Janet Yellen Just Gave "the Finest Verbal Judo in a Long Time"

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen topped the news this week – but she didn't actually say anything…

And the markets went wild Wednesday trying to parse Yellen's remarks and the language of the latest FOMC meeting policy statement.

Yellen's word games mess with how markets are supposed to operate. It leaves investors guessing about what's ahead.

Here's some clarity...

Top news

What Elon Musk's Tweet Says About Tesla Stock

Tesla stock just got a strong signal from CEO Elon Musk. But is it to buy or sell?

Sunday the Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) boss sent out a tantalizing tweet saying the electric car company would soon put an end to "range anxiety. "Range anxiety" refers to the fear electric car drivers have of running out of juice on long trips and having no place to plug in to recharge.

So is this a big deal or just bluster from a CEO worried about the falling TSLA stock price?

Watch this video to find out what Musk is really up to...

Investing Tips

How to Know When to Buy Apple Stock – and When to Sell (Nasdaq: AAPL)

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock is up more than 66% over the past year and more than 15% just in 2015.

Yet the arrival of the next Apple hit – the Apple Watch – has forced analysts to recalibrate their AAPL price targets again.

While it looks like a good time to buy AAPL stock – how can investors know for sure? And that begs another question: How do you know when to sell a high-flyer like Apple?

To learn how to maximize your gains in Apple stock, watch this video.