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Shah Gilani Is "Nervous" About the Markets

When it comes to the stock market, it's not the "little dips" that are a concern, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani said Tuesday.

What is worrisome are the "black holes," and if and when we'll step into one.

With Goldman Sachs' $100 million loss Tuesday, and the Nasdaq shutting down for hours today, looks like we're already there…

Click on Shah's video for the full story.


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  1. Michael A. Abbott | August 25, 2013

    Sir, I am an 'in the red', soon to be evicted from my rental, blue collar worker that would enjoy the simplicity of a national retail sales tax (HR 25 & S 122), instead of our current federal tax structure. You are in an whole different world than myself, at numerous levels. If you would, please make time to study this bill (133 pages) and explain to me why it is either good or bad for our economy. This year, I have been blessed with two more grandchildren, my total thus far is 4. My question to you sir is for them, not myself. Thanking you in advance, Michael

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