Shah Was Dead On About the Dow... Again

Our (extremely bullish) Capital Wave Strategist, Shah Gilani, has a knack for making predictions and, even better, putting his paid-up readers in position to clean up as they come true.

The rise of Facebook... Brexit... "Dow 21K"... the "Retail Ice Age"... and the "Amazon-ization" of the markets are all bold calls he's made that have become profitable reality over the past few months and years.

He's since predicted the Dow will hit 30,000, and, although we're sure it'll get there in the next couple of years, he was on FOX Business Networks' "Varney & Co." - on camera - as the U.S. big-cap index moved up from 21,949 to 21,951 on its last few steps to 22,000.

It's a pretty cool moment in and of itself, but Shah also told host Stuart Varney what's pushing the markets ever higher...


Like we said, Shah's predicting dozens of U.S. retailers could go belly-up in 2017's "Retail Ice Age," and he's showing his Zenith Trading Circle readers how have the chance to make a potential killing as they die off. They recently had a shot at a 995% win when Kroger took a hit. Click here to check it out...

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