Stock Market Crash Fears Do Not Mean "Head-for-the-Hills" - Here's What to Do Instead

The Dow Jones Industrial Average took its biggest dive of the year - 334 points - Thursday, further stoking fears of a stock market crash. Even with Wednesday's rally, both the Dow and the Standard & Poor's 500 are down 1.75% on the week.

But Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald, a seasoned market analyst with 33 years of experience, says the latest wave of losses is no reason to panic.

"I do not believe it's a head-for-the-hills moment," Fitz-Gerald said in an appearance on CNBC World's "Capital Connection" program late yesterday. "I think that many great companies are going on sale. I think earnings will probably be stronger than a lot of people expect. And that's going to provide some resilience in the next two to three weeks."

In the video below, Fitz-Gerald explains what caused the mini stock market crash this week. He also shares the key indicators to watch in months ahead.

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