The One Strategy That Will Unlock Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Stock's True Potential

On Monday afternoon, Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald appeared on FOX Business' "Varney & Co."to talk about the future of Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) stock.

Rumor has it that Google wants to buy Twitch, a service that allows gamers to stream game play online, for $1 billion. Twitch is currently the fourth-largest source of traffic on the Web.

The move would bring Twitch's 45 million monthly users to YouTube, which Google acquired in 2006. It also brings further speculation that Google may break up into separate, smaller companies.

Here's what Fitz-Gerald "believes very strongly" a corporate breakup would do to GOOG stock - and where the true value lays for investors:

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) stock’s true potential could be unlocked with this strategy. Here’s where the value lays for investors…

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