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Why Crude Oil Prices Will Rise

Crude oil prices are down this week with WTI trading near $97 per barrel today (Wednesday) after hitting a high of $106.64 in late June.

Prices spiked in June as ISIS militants swept across large portions of Iraq and took control of many northern oil fields. However, the crisis has not impacted the southern oil fields where Iraq's exports are located. And that's the reason many analysts see oil prices falling.

But according to Money Morning's Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors, ISIS forces can still have a big impact on crude oil prices "without controlling any fields whatsoever."

Here's why Moors sees crude oil prices heading higher:

Editor's Note: Now, according to Dr. Moors, the chaos in the Middle East is about to "go global." As you'll see, a select group of companies is set to benefit in a very big and unique way.

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