Will the Strong Stock Market in 2015 Continue?

So far the stock market in 2015 has continued its bull run with the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all up year to date.

But as markets march higher, skeptics get louder that "something bad is coming."

Money Morning Technical Trading Strategist D.R. Barton joined Chuck Jaffe's "MoneyLife" radio show Monday to help investors understand why markets are climbing. He said there are at least three big trends driving this year's strong performance.

This does not mean markets are without risk of pulling back - but there's no need to be nervous about it if you're prepared.

"You don't want to ride those pullbacks all the way down unless you have a really long-term time horizon," Barton said. "So there's a really strong support level in the S&P 500 we're looking at. If we got down below that level, then the yellow flag goes up..."

Find out what level Barton has his eye on, as well as good sectors to buy into heading in to Q2:

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