What Is the Stock Market "X-Pattern"?

It's Much More than Just a Coincidence...

On the surface, this chart for railroad titan CSX isn't that exciting.

X Pattern

You'll see the stock rising 45% over an eight-month period and then plummeting 53% right after.

But let's look a little closer at what's happening behind the scenes.

CSX Stock

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Before CSX's rise and fall, a mysterious X pattern appeared.

Coincidentally, the same thing happened with World Wrestling Entertainment.

High Velocity Stocks

That identical X pattern appeared and WWE's stock shot up 180% over the 61Ž2 months that followed.

It emerged again - and look at what happened. The big fall.

American Vanguard is the same story.

best investment strategy

This X pattern first appears... the stock spikes 1,125%.

It's spotted again, right before it pulls back.

These are just three instances, among many, that are documented in a shocking 6-month investigation, whose findings have just been released to the public.

It suggests that this X pattern has appeared next to countless stocks for the last 15 years, including exceptional market windfalls, such as 7,476% on Monster Beverage... 1,664% on Dynamic Materials... 1,471% on Keurig... and 3,650% on Kingold Jewelry.

Now, here's what could be the craziest part of this entire story.

The quantitative trader who conducted this comprehensive investigation is now betting $1.95 million that you'll agree with his amazing findings.

He is even disclosing the identities of two stocks where this X pattern just appeared, because he believes they could provide historic gains.

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