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A Secretive Hedge Fund Has Grabbed 15% of This $6 Biotech – Now It's Your Turn

With a stock that's down from its highs, there's no single better "Buy" indicator than insider buying.

If you've been with Private Briefing since its August 2011 launch, I'm willing to bet you've heard that personal maxim often enough to recite it from memory.

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  1. James Papsdorf | April 12, 2016

    Is there significant overlap between Foundation Medicine Inc. and TrovaGene ?
    Incidentally, FMI just announced today the filing of a Material Agreement: "The IVD Collaboration Agreement, provides terms for the Company and Roche to collaborate non-exclusively to develop and commercialize in vitro diagnostic versions of certain existing Company products, including FoundationOne? and FoundationOne? Heme, and future Company products (such products, collectively, the "IVD Kits"), including those developed under the Collaboration Agreement (the "R&D Collaboration Agreement"), dated as of January 11, 2015, by and among the Company, Roche Basel and Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. ("Roche U.S."). Pursuant to the IVD Collaboration Agreement, the parties or their affiliates may execute one or more agreements from time to time specifically governing the development, manufacture, use and commercialization of any IVD Kits, with the terms of such agreements to be set forth therein.

  2. GEORGE HOGBEN | May 17, 2016

    Bill, I wonder if you at one time in or around the same time as your article on Trova Gene wrote an article on Foundation Medicine? I think I read an article on FMI by you around that time or within a month later. I would like to read that article on FMI if it was yours as it seemed much like the business model of Trov and the underlying technologies were quite similar. If you can link me to an FMI article. Why? FMI seemed slightly ahead of Trov on its technology and were announcing a major business win at that time. But Trov has cleaned FMIs clock on stock price which surprised me. Any idea about a FMI article is greatly appreciated!

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