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As the "Amazin' Mets" Advance to the World Series, Let's Have a Little Fun Today

I'm one of those folks who needs some time to decompress after a long-and-involved day, and I usually do this either by reading or watching a good flick on TV or DVD.

The other night - after a long day of writing after which I threw 250 pitches during indoor baseball practice - sleep was impossible. I was too wound up to read, so I turned to cable and found that one of my favorite movies had just started - the 2000 Jim Caviezel-Dennis Quaid film called Frequency.

I love the movie because it's a great father-son story. But I also love it because baseball plays a key role. The story is set in 1969, the year the "Amazin' Mets" improbably went to the World Series... and smoked the heavily favored Baltimore Orioles.

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