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Here on Inauguration Day, We Handicap the Top Trump-Era Stocks

Strategists at Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC) are calling it "The Icarus Trade," a reference to the story of the boy who ignored warnings and flew too close to the sun - and plunged to his death when his feather-and-wax wings melted from the heat.

The Bank of America prognosticators are using this tale from Greek mythology for the post-inauguration prediction that they're making: A parabolic "melt-up" that carries global stock prices up another 10% in a continuation of the "Trump Reflation Rally" - followed by a total market "meltdown" later this year.

As we told you in a report last week, Stealth Profits Trader Editor D.R. Barton, Jr. - a colleague and good friend of mine here at Money Map Press - has made a call that's almost the exact opposite of what the BoA folks are predicting.

D.R. believes U.S. stocks are going to stumble.

But unlike those folks, he doesn't think that'll start a bear market.

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