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Thanks to Michael, I Got to "Test Drive" Silicon Valley's Next Big Hit

As someone who's interested in shortwave radio, model airplanes and drones, computer games and other gadget-related hobbies, I love dabbling with new devices as much as anybody.

So when I got up and checked my email the other day – and the first message I see is a message from Michael Robinson telling me to "watch for the FedEx guy" – I have to admit that I couldn't wait to get to the office.

As most of you know, Michael is our resident tech guru here at Money Map Press, where he runs such trading services as Radical Technology Profits and Nova-X Alert.

But I'll let you in on a little secret.

Michael's also a really decent guy – a colleague who's energizing to work with.

So it's no surprise that – over the last few years – we've become pretty good friends.

Our backgrounds are very similar: We both are published authors, and both worked as business journalists before getting into the investment-newsletter business. We both have families (indeed, both of our wives are quite accomplished professionally). And from time to time we've even been known to give a gift or two in honor of a special occasion.

Last year, in fact, when Michael came to our offices for a massive strategy session (and to attend the company holiday party), I pulled him aside to give him a special lock-blade knife I'd picked up for his collection.

Michael displays similar sentiments… as the FedEx email shows.

The "backstory" is this…

There's a new device coming out in the New Year. But thanks to his connections in Silicon Valley, Michael got his hands on a small number of "prototypes."

He FedExed one to me… to take for a "test drive."

I'll be honest: At first blush, the device didn't look like much.

But when I tried it out… frankly, I was blown away.

What this thing can do is… well, it's flat-out cool.

I made the "mistake" of letting one of my co-workers try it – and the next thing I knew there was a small line of folks forming right in front of my desk… each of them begging for "a turn."

I ended up stuffing the gizmo in my desk – and then in my briefcase – so I could actually get some work done. I finally took it home… and started this adventure all over again with my 9-year-old (as of yesterday) son, Joey.

Joey keeps asking me if we can "play with that thing Mr. Michael sent you."

I'm telling you this story for a couple of reasons.

This device that Michael sent me to test drive (or "play with," according to Joey) is a "gateway product" for a market that, narrowly defined, is projected to hit $150 billion in revenue by 2020.

But this gadget is also a perfect example of the "convergence economy" we've been telling you about for much of this year. This new market is being jump-started by the "coming together" of such disparate sectors as mobile, semiconductors, software, special displays, mobile communications, sensors and biotechnology.

All those technologies are "converging" to create this new market.

And it's going to be big… very big, in fact. Indeed, when you define this new market more broadly, our own analysts place the value at $2.86 trillion.

We're talking more than just numbers… more than just market-share figures… revenue estimates… and profits. The convergence of all these already powerful technology trends will ignite innovation – creating wholly new businesses.

And pioneering – truly breakthrough – uses for the technology itself.

Michael has a whole case of these prototypes – and some stunning projections on the next phase of this brand-new market.

Let him show you what he's found.

Indeed, let him send you one of these gadgets for a "test drive" of your own. Click here to find out how.

Have a great weekend.

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