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The Tragic Investing Tale You Need to Heed

I'm a big fan of old movies, and of old TV shows.

As a boy growing up in Pittsburgh, and then here in Baltimore, I can remember getting ready for school while watching re-runs of such stalwarts as "Sea Hunt" and "Highway Patrol."

To this day, I continue to have a real affinity for the show "Dragnet."

I couldn't help but think of that old program as I put together today's Private Briefing - and for one simple reason.

Just as the "Dragnet" narrator used to say, the story you're about to hear is true ... but the names have been changed ... to protect the innocent.

In other words, I've massaged the biographical details on this one a bit to protect the folks who are involved. But the rest of the facts are true.

One of our core messages here at Money Map Press - and one that we tend to repeat over and over - is that it is crucial for you to take control of your own financial destiny.

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