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This Obamacare Stock is Just Getting Started

Most of you folks know Michael Robinson as our resident tech guru - and probably also as a guy who's made some highly profitable (and remarkably timely) calls both here in Private Briefing and in his own service Radical Technology Profits.

But his expertise isn't limited to technology.

You see, to succeed in the high-tech realm, an investor like Michael has to be able to sniff out the tiny, emerging ventures that have the greatest chance of turning into big winners. That's a real gift.

Most investors have no idea just how many small companies there really are to sort through. And, as I know from my many years as a business journalist, the vast majority of these little players are one-trick ponies, flame-out candidates, empty shells, also-rans or outright frauds.

Out of the thousands of smallish firms that occupy each business sector, there are literally just a few that have any kind of chance of lasting success. And in that small group there's perhaps one or two that can make an investor some real money - but only if you can identify the company and buy the stock before it makes its move ... and before it becomes "common knowledge" among Wall Streeters and retail-investing America.

The bottom line for a guy like Michael is this: To be a successful tech guru, you also have to be an expert in small-cap stocks.

So when Michael was here in Baltimore for a strategy session a few weeks back, I pulled him aside and asked if he could come up with a couple of small-cap profit opportunities that I could pass along to you.

I'm sharing one of those with you today.

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