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What We Can Learn From the Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy

As I look at the devastating images out of Oklahoma - and read the tragic stories that accompany the photos - my heart goes out to those who were affected. I hope that none of the members of this extended family - our Private Briefing subscribers - are among the sufferers.

And I can't help but think back 12 months ... to June 1 of last year.

My wife, little boy and I live in the Baltimore suburbs - in a still-rural area about an hour north of the city. It was a Friday - the official end to the work week - and we'd reached that late hour when the afternoon gets handed off to evening.

With two free-and-clear days to spend with Robin and Joey, and plans with my Dad set for Sunday, I should've been feeling charged up and ready for action.

Instead, I was feeling worried. The darkening overcast and heavy, fetid atmosphere had spawned the sense of foreboding - and that oppressiveness was being intensified by WBAL-TV's warning that the conditions for a tornado were "just right."

It was a prescient call.

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